Nice and strong start.
I'm a test case.

[ Saturday - April 17, 2010 ]

Yesterday I received a call that has me excited.  It's the service manager from Brown Motor Works.  He's called to tell me that the F8GS appears to be running.  Awesome!  The new fuel pump has come in and the old one has been tossed out.  You mean to tell me it's been the fuel pump the entire time?  Yes.  At a level, it show how uncomplicated it can be if parts are swapped out until things work.  Of course if it was my $ to swap things out, it will be a pretty penny.  I'm all for the excellent BMW Motorrad warranty.

So today I get to give Brown Motor Works a call to make sure it is OK to pickup the 8GS.  If that's the case, it's time for some fun.

[ Saturday - April 17, 2010 - mid day ]

There it is.  The tall thing.  Just as proof, the Service Manager starts the bike for me.  VROOOOMMM!!  Nice and strong start.  No hesitation.  Yeah!  That's it.  It seems the fuel pump change is the magic.  Before I left the dealership, I ask Eddie whether I should use fuel stabilizer or leave the fuel alone.

Q: Should I put fuel stabilizer in the tank?
A: No, that will change the behavior and change the behavior.

Q: So is BMW tracking my bike?  I'm a test case?  I don't mind being a test case.
A: Yes, BMW is tracking your case in addition to several other bikes.  There were four or five other bikes in CA that has had the fuel pump changed.  It's best to use straight fuel and not put in any stabilizer.

With that, I rode off happy as a clam.  Having been on the R12R for a while, the 8GS feels a little odd.  That's alright.  I adjust pretty quickly.  Man this sucker is plush.  I'm reminded how the travel makes the baddest of bad roads feels so smooth.  Yes!  Baby is back in my hands and it's paid for.

To me this is a happy garage.

Written on: April 17, 2010
Last modified: April 17, 2010