Central Coast '10 - Day 2
101 clear?

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Total: 238 miles
Est. time: 8:30 hours

[ Sunday - May 2, 2010 ]

I don't know what time I got up.  All I know is it's bright and there is a lot of talking.  8:30 maybe?

Well?  Do we cook or do we go out to eat?  Bryan was concerned about the inconvenience of cooking, but it's tradition for me.  Not only that, for some odd reason, food seems to taste way better at a campsite.  Maybe it's just me but I know what I like, despite appearances of inconvenience.  I asked the Captain to assist Nu in getting food, but it's not his cup of tea to grocery shop.  I had forgotten he doesn't do that stuff.  No problem!  I quickly boiled water for coffee and then took off to help Nu at the local market.  Eggs, sausage, bread, hash browns, orange juice, and two gallons of water.  When we both got back, I setup the second camp stove and went to town cooking food.  Ho ho!  The Sgt got SPAM!  Not only regular SPAM but Spicy SPAM!  Oh yeah baby!  We're going to rock this campsite!

Spicy SPAM creams the hell out of regular SPAM.

Something is missing from this picture... eggs!!!

Oh yeah!!!  Chowin' it down!

Caramelization in action!

The breakfast club.

Damn!  The first set of eggs are toast!  They're broken and screwed up.  It always has to happen like this before things are peachy.  I guess screwing up has to happen before perfection will manifest itself.  The Sgt ate it anyway, but wanted seconds to make up for the screw up.  Man this stuff is damned fine!  The stoves (MSR Whisperlite) are freakin' hot.  I can't seem to get the flame settings right, but I don't think any of us really cared that our spam is a little burnt.  Oh!  Make that caramelized.

I even made and brought my own SuperChunks spices.  It was originally for the burgers we were suppose to have last night, but I didn't get a chance to use it because we decided to eat out instead.  Heck, the concoction will work on anything.  I use it at home on eggs, fish, toast, steaks, burgers, and all manner of edibles.  Come to think of it, it will work on granny apples too, but that's another story for another time.  Some of the guys eventually mustered the courage to brave my spices.  Oooo yeah!!  Quite the kick.  I had mistakenly put in regular paprika instead of sweet paprika.  In other words... spicy!  But it's damn fine.  It puts hair on your chest.  I'll make a new, less flamin' batch, and bring it on the next trip.  Nothing like a little mistake to make life zesty.

Rodents of the coast.

I have to hand it to them.  They're bold.

Look!  Some of the rodents managed to carry the Captain's coat up the tree.

It's almost noon when the rubber starts spinning.  Just as promised, Hwy 1 is beautiful.

Fuel once again.  This is when the GPS gets stupid.  Even a brand new FOOB (fresh out of box) BMW Nav IV.  I can only surmise the GPS thinks we can't perform a U-turn.  We make this long way round loop that could have been accomplished within less time and distance by a simple U-turn.  It goes to show that following the GPS literally can sometimes create grief.  Zen driving is the answer.

The location where we could have made the U-turn.

Funny thing through all this.  While we're on our way back to Hwy 1, we stop at an intersection.  What do I see on the street sign?  The name of the street is Halcyon.  What is blaring through my speaker?  "Halcyon, on, on, on ..." from Orbital.  If it's not a case of synchronicity, I don't know what else to call it.  Talk about the right time and the right tune.

As we making our way south on the 101, I get this odd sensation on my neck.  Is the high collar of my Rally 2 Pro irritating me from wearing the suit for too long?  That's odd.  I don't recall ever having a problem with the suit before.

Santa Maria to Santa Barbara was no distance at 65 MPH.  It was decided earlier that Santa Barbara is the late lunch destination.  Once we pull off Hwy 154 onto the foothill roads, I pull over to start restaurant searching.  Next thing I know, the Captain is next to me saying his Starbucks sensors are on high alert.  "Alright, lead on," I said.  Next thing I know the gang explodes in a barrage of radio comments.  Something to the effect, "Does he know where he's going?"  The debate rages on as we swerve from residential to residential street.  He's not lost.  He is just lost.  Too bad he can't hear us because I think he would have crashed from laughter.  "I know where we are!" I exclaimed in my helmet.  We emerge on the main stretch of SB.  The Captain darts for Starbucks like a leper spotting some loose alms on the ground.  The rest of us ditch the Captain for a Carl's Jr. lunch.

[ Thursday - June 3, 2010 ] - Stupid computer (Windoze) crashed!  What a waste of time putting everything back together again.  Oh well, back to the story at hand.

During the course of the late lunch.  Speedy, Sgt, and Bryan decided they were so close to home that they're just going to take the 101 and skip the rest of the ride.  I have my doubts and expressed my concern that the 101 is normally terrible on the latter part of any Sunday.  Can the 101 be clear at this time?  A look at their Google traffic via their iPhones shows that the 101 is clear.  OK.  I guess it is clear.  We'll take the gamble.  101 home it is.

We get on the 101 south.  OK.  It looks good so far.  Perhaps Google traffic was right.  Oh man, bad thought.  It's plugging up.  Stop and go.  This is exactly what I was afraid of.  Speedy and Sgt started splitting.  I can't do that to poor Johnny.  He's unfamiliar with the freeway notion and I'm going to force him to split?  That's not cool.  I radio to Speedy, Sgt, and Bryan that they can go ahead and split.  I'll go ahead and stay behind and take care of Johnny.  In the end, only Speedy and Sgt split ahead.  The rest of us stayed behind as a pack.  Yet again, I wish I had the GS.  The 12R is good, but it doesn't do so well in traffic.  It's easy for the bike to overheat in this conditions.  The temp sensor is climbing.  If it gets to the third notch, I'm existing the freeway.  Sure enough, overheating goal achieved.  I'm off the freeway and so is the rest of the group.  Alright, it's a slight detour, but we're back on our originally intended route.

I haven't been in this direction around Lake Casitas, but it's spectacular.  Yes this is a longer route, but it's well worth the extra time.  Eventually we take the 33, 101, 126, and reach Moorpark to take the 118, 210 home.  This is the last fuel stop.  It's also the last chance we have to say farewell up close.  Hand shakes are passed all around.  56 miles left.  76 miles for Johnny.  As with every trip, the last leg home is always a mad dash because of metropolis drivers.  We're all home safe.  It was a wonderful short trip.  Now the question is begged... "When and what is next?"

[ Monday - May 3, 2010 ]

An email from Bryan reveals that the odd sensation felt around the neck on the way home from Morro Bay was actually the neck being sun burned.  I was right in that it is not the suit.  Sun burned?  What the heck?

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Written on: May 11, 2010
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