The magic number ... 3K

[ Thursday - July 8, 2010 ]

It seems this is a bad year for me regarding batteries.  Not only was I able to run down the battery on the 8GS by riding at low RPMs, I also succeeded in neglecting the R12R for long enough that it too suffered a drained battery problem.  For the 8GS, I adjusted my riding a bit and found the magic number to keep the bike happy.  So long as the engine is spinning at 3K RPM, there are no battery problems.  Interestingly, 3K RPM doesn't reduce the fuel economy by much.

The saga of the hard start problem on the 8GS continues.  Fortunately, there is a solution.  What is it?  Why it's another fuel injector and fuel pump change out.  Apparently, the gas station I've been using, 90% of the time, is causing my problem.  According to BMW, what I'm experiencing is due to water corrosion of the fuel pump and/or fuel injector.  With this change out, I've also been told to use a different gas station.  There is a likely chance that the gas station I've been using is supplying bad fuel.  Easily enough done, there are other gas stations in my area that I can go to that hopefully has better gas.  Isn't ethanol wonderful?

At this point the 8GS is grounded on battery tender until parts arrive.  The appointment has been set for 7/24.  If all goes well, I will take the 8GS on this year's Mammoth trip in addition to receiving a new chain and sprocket from BMW due to a final drive recall.

As for the 12R, I had to jump start the bike via my Subaru Forester.  I left the two vehicles connected long enough for the 12R to receive enough juice so the 12R can power the computer on its own.  Battery tender, a 50 miles ride at 70MPH, and even more battery tender yields a fully charged 12R battery.  Cool!  I don't have to resort to spending $160 for a new BMW AGM battery.  It's still ALIVE!!! 

Written on: July 8, 2010
Last modified: July 8, 2010