Who's right, and who's wrong?
The R12R is not here in an alternate universe.

[ Friday - July 9, 2010 ]

Who's right, and who's wrong?  To answer that question begs a lot of consideration with a lot of details.  Unfortunately, the video camera was only able to record only so much information due to the narrow angle of the lens.  What is left out of the video is a lot of information.  In terms of right of way, I'm actually in the right because the SUV to my left came to a stop after the opposing car has made its turn.  I was letting the car finish its left turn before I started into the intersection.  There are several clues that I should have taken very seriously instead of overlooking the situation and acting upon my right of way.  The biggest clue is that I notice the driver wasn't paying attention to her vehicle surroundings.  She was looking at a sign or billboard.  I don't recall her looking at me.  As I get into the middle of the intersection, she starts her run.  Good thing I'm light and I have a lot of horses underneath me to get me out of trouble.  Regardless of whether I'm in the right or wrong, I can see this woman claiming she didn't see me because she really wasn't paying enough attention to see me.  In the end, I was across the intersection in a zippy way, and there was no accidents because she nose dived her SUV while I poured on the throttle.

I reaffirmed several things today:
  1. If they're bigger than me, they have the right of way.
  2. I might have the right of way, but if they insist, I should just let them go.
  3. If the driver is looking about like and idiot, I should assume so and let the idiot cross while I watch from the sideline.
And the most valuable lesson for this day...  my R12R is extremely quiet and I need to take that this into consideration when I ride the bike.  I have always wondered why I encounter more problematic situations when I'm on the 12R and now I know why.

BTW, a couple days later, at the same intersection, I was confronted with a similar situation.  It was clear that the woman was in a hurry, but she tried to wave me to cross anyway.  Taking to heart the lesson learned the previous day, I waved her to cross and watch as she floored the gas pedal crossing the intersection.  Yup!  I don't need idiotic advise that will simply flatten me.  I'm allergic to being flattened.

I do occasionally ponder another instance of myself in an alternate universe.  He was probably flattened to keep my universe time line OK.  Alright... I'm rambling.

Written on:  October 11, 2010
Last modified: October 11, 2010