Another fuel system set.

[ Monday - July 26, 2010 ]

It's surprising as heck.  The 8GS has been having hard start problems again and guess what the Brown Motor Work service manager found out?  My fuel injectors and fuel pump needs to be swapped out again.  Wait a minute.  I've only got about 800-900 miles on the current set.  You mean to tell me it's bad again already?  Yes, it's bad again already.  The good news is, this time around BMW NA didn't even hesitate to tell the Brown service manager to swap out the set.  This means two more fuel injectors and one more fuel pump.  However, the one thing that BMW NA did mention, that I will definitely do, is to change gas stations.  It looks like the Shell gas station that I regularly use is subject to bad fuel.  Now what in the world does bad fuel mean?  It means the fuel has been sitting in the big underground tank for a while and the alcohol and gasoline is separating.  Not only that, the alcohol has also absorbed moisture.  Considering that water is heavier than gasoline, you can figure out what happens when you go to fill up your tank.  Now how am I suppose to know the gas station has bad fuel?  I don't.  But at least I agree with BMW NA.  The only constant with the hard start problem I've been having is that one gas station that I fill up with 90% of the time.  Now why is the R12R not effected by this?  Well, as I was told, the fuel injector on the 8GS and 650gs twin is smaller than other injectors on other models.  I'm sure the smaller injector hole size doesn't help in the clogging and corrosion department.

My 8GS is currently sitting at Brown pending the completion of the second fuel system set swap out.  I'll get to find tomorrow whether the new parts have been installed and the 8GS is ready for the road once more.  In the meanwhile, the 12R is kicking arshe on the commute.

Many thanks to Joel Wisman on for pointing out the use of Chevron's Techron as an additive to prevent fuel pump and fuel injector failures.  If I have to use additives to prevent the 8GS from dying once more, I'm all for it.  An extra $ here and there to prevent my favorite bike from bunking in the shop is a no hesitation and brainer for me.  Now that I'm in the habit of maintaining the 8GS with utmost care, I'm going to spread the love to the 12R also.  This also means I'm going to ride around with a bottle of Chevron Techron in my bag.  Fuel additive on the go!  Now that's a concept people.

As a side note... I had been wondering why my buddy, the Sgt, hasn't been seeing hard start problems with his bike, F800ST.  It looks like the clogged fuel injectors and corroded fuel pump is an anomaly for the F800GS and F650GS twin only.  As non-luck has it, the Sgt is finally confronted with hard start problem today.  He only has 6K miles on his bike and it's starting to exhibit problems that I've been having with my 8GS.  Unfortunately, I know this problem all too well.  It looks like he's off to the dealer for a set of fuel injector and possibly fuel pump swap out.  This also means that the other F800 models are not immune to the problem.

Written on: July 26, 2010
Last modified: July 26, 2010