Hell has nothing on Pasadena!

[ Monday - September 27, 2010 ]

Alright!  It was warm going to work this morning.  I didn't check the temps but guess that it's around the mid to high eighties.  That's pretty warm for 8:30AM, but this is nothing completely unusual for Pasadena.  I should have taken the 8GS, but decided on the 12R because I wanted that quick acceleration fun.

3:00PM, it's sweltering hot.  It easily above 100 degrees.  Unfortunately, there is nothing between buildings to show the current temps.  The ramp that I walk to and from my office feels like it's easily above 120 degrees.  Toasty!  There's no avoiding the office path.  4:00PM!  Screw this place.  I've had enough of work for today.  It's hot and I'm tired from the 500+ miles of driving over the weekend.  It's time to go home.  Darn!  Another mistake.  I didn't bring my Coolvest.  Oh well, I have to make due by slamming down a bottle of cold water to cool down my innards for the ride home.  As I try to get out of dodge, I'm confronted by emergency and security vehicles blocking my normal exit route.  Bummer!  I'm not going to wait in this heat.  It's the long way round to get out of work.

As I make the loop around the facility, it's obvious that it's hot.  It's a face full of high setting hair dryer an inch away from the face type of effect.  91F is what the 12R's on board computer is reporting.  I don't think so. OK, the computer hasn't caught up to the real outside temp yet.  It thinks the bike is still sitting in the shade.  As I round the corner and exited the facility, it finally hits.  "There you go!" I scream in my helmet.  103F.  That's more like what I'm feeling.  I'm not saying I like it, but I now have the correct information.

On my way up the 210 east on ramp, the temp changes again.  Wow!  106F.  That's the same temp that I've experienced on the 8GS going through Ridgecrest.  On the freeway doing 75 MPH, to try and get away from the crazies, the temp jumps up to 108F.  This is the hottest I've ever been on the R12R.  The temperature gauge shows I'm one notch above normal running temperature.  This is nothing to be concerned about, but it does show that the bike is not able to cool off even when doing 70-75MPH.  I can only imagine how that this bike will overheat if I'm sitting in traffic.

As I round the corner and take my exit, I'm further surprised.  110F and then 111F.  Holy cow!  It's freakin' hot!  This is insane.  To say the least, I'm packing the Coolvest and taking the 8GS tomorrow.

Written on:  September 27, 2010
Last modified: September 27, 2010