Summarizing 2010

[ Wednesday - December 29, 2010 ]

Well, I can't say that 2010 has been a stellar year.  I can say that it's been an interesting one.

Interesting from the perspective of the F800GS's fuel resolution.  Who would have thought that a single gas station selling bad fuel would cause such heart aches.  Not to mention me being the trail blazer for the clogged injector problem.  I never thought I'd be the first to introduce the problem, but it seems the universe wills for me to tackle the issue.  It took a lot of patience and a new R12R to pull it off.  To this days I still have the utmost respect for Eddie Pangindian, Brown Motor Works Service Manager, and BMW NA's goodwill.

So which bike do I spend more time on?  Why, the 8GS of course.  This isn't to say that I don't like the 12R, it's just that with the economy being the way it is, I'm better off with the 8GS's 9.5" worth of travel because of road conditions.  I do take the 12R to work, on occasion, and when I do, I love the speed.  At a mere 2700 miles on the Odo, the engine is nowhere near being broken in.  "Pretty Boy", as my friend Russell calls the bike, needs to spend some time in the red zone.  Every time I try to push the bike, I can feel the engine having difficulty reaching beyond 5K RPM.  All the signs of "The new kid on the block".  I eventually have to get serious and perform the extended break-in before PB can go on another long trip.

The year has passed so fast that it feels like nothing much has happened.  When I look back in The archives, I'm reminded of how much has actually happened.  More long trips would be nice, but life just doesn't permit such pleasures.  Yes, work responsibilities are digging into my play time.  I'm hoping to rectify that in 2011, but we'll see if it's possible.  Bottom line, it sucks to be responsible at work.

At least this year, I finally got a good taste of what the 8GS's off the bleedin' road capabilities (A winter day's ride).  It performs magnificently with only a minor drop in the snow to make the story more exciting.  I'm looking forward to more mud flinging next year.  I might even try pumice again if time permits.

The end of a decade is here and a new one begins.  Let 's hope humanity stays in one piece so I can do some more riding.

Written on: December 29, 2010
Last modified: December 29, 2010