Rodent's hangout.

[ Monday - August 29, 2011 ]

Some claim they're cute.  Others think of them like pets.  Yet others ... well, others like me think they're a bio-hazard not to be trifled with.  Lime disease.  What am I referring to?  Why it's one of the world's largest rodents around... deers.  They descend down the mountain side and take over the lab facility I work at.  They've even manage to kill a bicyclist several years back.  The guy was biking down hill, with helmet and all, when one of these critters jumped out in front of him.  How's that for bad luck?  Since then the work place has posted deer hazards all over the place in addition to sending out warning memos.  Freakin' rodents...

Written on: September 19, 2011
Last modified: September 19, 2011