This is no Tour de France!!

[ Thursday - September 15, 2011 ]

He flips the bird and then keeps on chuggin' away, as if he has no care in the world.

Again, who wrong and who's right?  In this case, the bicyclist who thinks he's in the Tour de France, is wrong in all counts.  From not having a rear view mirror to putting himself into a situation where he's covered wall to wall with automobiles.  Regardless of how right he thinks he is, there no contest between a 50lbs bicycle and a 2 ton SUV.  What is hard to see, because of the wide angle lens, is that the bicyclist started taking over the lane right after the street light.  That's way too early before the right most lane turns into a right turn lane.  If there was a cop around, this guy would get ticketed from putting himself in harm's way.

I've been told that saying, "Where's a cop when you need one..." is a sign of collectivism or the herd mentality.  Alright... that's fine.  But in this case, I say we need a cop to ticket this guy's sorry arshe to lower his self esteem a bit.  Not only that but it might even save his life.

Written on: September 18, 2011
Last modified: September 18, 2011