Idiot in a two door!

[ Wednesday - September 21, 2011 ]

Here's an Idiot in a two door rushing to get himself killed.  If I was a car, it would have been an accident with either me or a rear end with the truck in front of him.  Once again I'm reminded of the comment made to me about being a "Collectivist".  Well frankly, at the sheer number of idiots out there driving like this, I say we need to collectively gang up on these idiots and kick these testosterone idiot in the nuts.

Do I always have to ride around with a camera strapped to my little head?  You bet your arshe I do.  I find myself needing it more in the city than in the country side with so many idiots around.

Written on: September 26, 2011
Last modified: September 26, 2011