Left hook!  Right hook!

[ Tuesday - June 26, 2012 ]

Thinking of "Left hook!  Right hook!", I got it from both sides today.

Unfortunately I was out of memory on the SD card in the morning so I didn't capture the "Left hook!".

Basically I come into work and have to pass through a large parking lot every day (e.g. the "East Lot").  Being concerned about people darting out of the parking stall lanes, I stand up on the way through to spot wacko drivers.  It's better to see them before they see you.  By the time they see you you're a "not so awesome possum" (road kill).  Out of the corner of my eye, I can see something white darting from left to right.  The eye is good at picking up motion like that.  I slow and move to the right side of my lane.  When I slowly emerged from my lane (one of the primary parking lot lanes with the right of way), the car dove and jerked.  The driver was surprised that I was coming up slowly.  "you're not the only one on the road buddy." ... left hook!

On my way home, as I pull onto the street towards my housing complex, I spot a car on the right coming out of an alley way.  I already suspect the idiot is only looking in the opposite direction.  So I put on the brakes.  Knowing the Kevlar rear brake pads aren't as sure gripped as the OEM, I brake a little earlier.  The GS glides to moderately slow speed.  Sure enough my suspicion was right.  The idiot was only looking to her right.  When she finally turned to look forward she finally spots me.  To her surprise I was sitting extremely close at her 9 O'clock.  Why didn't I honk?  Not enough time.  I rather spend the time for evasive maneuvers (braking and downshifting).  If I didn't spend the time to avert the situation, it would have been a T-bone scenario.  If you look closely at the video, you'll see her jerk in surprise ... right hook!

Thank god there's no upper cut (e.g. head on).  I would probably be in the hospital or dead.  Is there a full moon or something today?  There are way too many loons out and about.

Written on: June 26, 2012
Last modified: June 26, 2012