My wallet feels even lighter...

[Sunday - June 23, 2013]

I think the picture above says it all.  Was I not content with owning the 8GS and the 12R?  By no means was I not content.  Well, I guess the only possible aspect of discontent is having to deal with the BMW maintenance cost for two motorcycles.  But really, it all came down to the cost of maintenance and near term family events that forced me to go back to one motorcycle.  More the latter than the former.  Sad thing is I just paid off the loan for the R12R last month.  Both bikes were mine.  What can I say, life's events has a tendency to make you do things you never plan.

Well, since I went down from two motorcycles to a single set of wheels, I decided to deck it out.  I went ahead and traded both bikes and tossed a fair chunk of green to grab the monster with ASC and ESA.  Sweat running down my brow when I cut the check?  Not quite, but the promissory note was of sufficient amount that it made me shift in my chair a bit.  Still, I'm glad I'm not making payments and now I owe my savings instead of a bank.  Don't get me wrong.  BMW Bank of North America has been fabulous to deal with for the past 5 or so motorcycles.  If I had to get financed again, I wouldn't hesitate to stay with BMW BNA.

What is my impression thus far, with only 30+ miles on it?  I'm extremely pleased.  The smoothness of the engine, the stability of the bike, the agility, and the lack of fork dive is great.  Oh and don't forget about the clutch.  It's by far the smoothest and most effortless clutch I have ever felt.  With so much going for the bike, I even stood up on the bike to see how it feels.  Discounting the factory pegs (narrow), it feels great.  Eventually I'll have to bling it out with the Fastway pegs, but there won't be a whole lot of blinging until I can pay back the money I borrowed.  That's OK because I'm simply using the 12GS as an extremely over qualified ultra luxurious commuter right now.

I guess it's time to brown bag for lunch again.

Update: [Saturday - June 29, 2013]

What are my thoughts after a week's worth of commuting?

Update: [Wednesday - July 3, 2013]

After several days of driving with the family to San Francisco and back, I had to spend a little more quality time with the monster to get more acquainted.  130 miles is hardly enough to get a true feel of the bike especially when they're all upright commuting miles.  So what did I do?  I took a ride on San Gabriel canyon road.

The initial miles were good, but when the tarmac turns steep and twisty, that's when things start getting interesting.  To my amazement, this large GS is actually more nimble than the F800GS in the tight turns.  I find myself effortlessly tossing the bike from side to side turning left right or whatever direction the road takes me.  With so much power under the seat, this GS would have given my R1200R a run for it's money.  After the 50+ miles, the monster and I now understand each other.  This GS is indeed the true blend of the F800GS and R1200R.  I will never look back to those bikes ever again.

Ride configuration: 39 PSI rear, 35 PSI front, ASC road, and ESA normal.

Written on: June 23, 2013
Last modified: July 3, 2013