Splish Splash

[ Thursday - February 27, 2014 ]

Be it good, bad, or otherwise, one of the best traits of living in the west coast is you get sunshine pretty much all year round.  Of late, due to the lack of precipitation, it's pretty much been just that.  However a large storm front is anticipated for Friday's commute.  It's the type of storm that makes cats and dogs feel like a drizzle.  There's anticipation of thunder storms, mud flows, and who knows what else mother nature can throw into the mix.  Water spouts and tornadoes maybe? As for myself, I enjoy a nice heavy rain ride.  It's a way to practice and keep up the skills.  Who know when I'll be caught in a down pour while on a tour.  Plus it's an opportunity to be 6 years old again (e.g. running through puddles and streams).

[ Friday - February 28, 2014 ]

Sure enough, this time the weather man is correct.  It's coming down.  Hard!  It's on and off with heavy rain, but it never stops all together.  The streets are getting flooded.  Cars are splashing water everywhere.  Yes!  My turn.

It occurred to me while I'm showing the below video to some of my friends.. A question goes flying though my head, "Am I skilled or am I just insane?"  To the average person, it looks like I'm completely out of my freakin' mind, and reckless as a 2 year old playing with a loaded hair trigger shotgun.  However, as I assess my situation, there is a level of skill, but I can't help but notice that which is also the BMW GS.  The bike makes one feel that one can take on the world (what the motorcycle was built to do).  Inspired confidence.

On this day I tripped the traction control twice.  Once was due to the bike skipping over a large bump on the road causing the rear to come off the tarmac (not my fault).  The second time was me making a mistake with acceleration from a red light.  I should have known better and should have let the rear pass the paint stripe before accelerating.  You can chalk this up to the first serious rain ride in a long while.  Still, the safety net that is the 2013 R1200GS has me covered and even instills a little more confidence.  Surprisingly, this time around I'm not fighting rain mode as much.  Maybe I'm getting use to the machine.

Puddle crossing after puddle crossing, the bike does its job without so much as a single little whimper.  It's just so much fun to splash water all over the place.

Written on: March 2, 2014
Last modified: March 2, 2014