Getting to the bottom of things.

[ Wednesday - July 30, 2014 ]

So I've been having this problem and it seems to be berneath me.  It's called, "The stock seat."  Yes, the stock seat.  It's too squishy and it's been making my bum hurt.  Even on a simple 13 mile commute to work I can't help but  feel the pain.  The last big trip I did (Death Valley 2014) had my bottom screaming for help.  So the debate goes... do I go to somebody like Bill Mayer and get a custom seat or do I plunk down money on something like the TouraTech comfort seat.  I know what the Bill Mayer seats looks like and feels like.  My buddy the Sgt went and got one.  It's generally pretty wide with the wings for support.  The TT R1200GS comfort seat looks pretty much like the stock seat with the exception that they have a breathable version.  Interesting.  With Bill Mayer costing around $900 for a 12GS seat, the TT at $600 is a bargain.  In the end, I blindly trusted TT and purchase the R1200GS comfort seat.

When I finally received the seat in the mail, I was surprised to feel the seat being extremely firm.  Being concerned, I got back on the TT website and took a look at the description.  Sure enough, even the website said the seat needs to be firm in order to support the rider.  It sounds counter intuitive, but I'll give it a try.  If anything, I can always return it.

The weave is breathable.  I've experienced it by lifting myself just a fraction of an inch while on the freeway.
The seat cools down really fast.

My first impression on the first ride was that the mesh fabric is really slippery.  Twisting the throttle hard had me sliding back.  Slamming on the breaks had me sliding forward.  It's a little disconcerting in the beginning, but after a while, I got use to the action and know to prepare for it.  Clamping my legs seem to help also.  After two days, my bum was still hurting, but I think that was still the after effects of the stock seat.  After a week's worth, my poor behind was feeling better.  After a month, there is no bottom pain what so ever.  It appears the firm seat is doing its job.  I'm glad I didn't return the seat.  The side effect of the firm seat is the seat height is a bit high.  This seat easily raised the bike at least 1/2" higher.  I had to put the seat in the lowest setting, standard seat, in order to comfortably touch with both feet.

Despite the breathable construction, when the bum is firmly planted on the seat, it doesn't breath very well.  However, if you pickup your hide just a tad... say 1/4" to 1/2", you'll instantly feel the air flow through the seat and cool off your backside.  On one of the hot trips, I picked myself up just a bit and my bottom received a lot of relief.

After two months of use and approximately 600 miles, the seat feel much better and there are even less or no hot spots.

I know that the Laam seats are pretty good also and are better priced than Bill Mayer.  It's even cheaper than the TT seat, but so far the TT comfort seat is actually working.  Additionally, there are no wings.  I'm going to stick to the TT for now.  Eventually I could also send in the stock seat to have it customized.  For now, I'm actually happy with TT.

Written on: September 29, 2014
Last modified: September 29, 2014