Sometimes you just have to wiggle a bit.

[ Tuesday - June 9, 2015 ]

So if you've been keeping up for this year, you'll notice that I encountered a situation this last February where I had an ESA meltdown.  Well, I didn't have a meltdown, the 12GSW had a slight problem (It feels like a hard tail).  The ESA button refused to acknowledge itself and the rear shock was as stiff as a

Well guess what?  It happened again.  This time around it's with the new Touratech shock.  Permutation after permutations... I know it's not the shock because this shock is brand new.  It's something to do with the GS itself.  Sure enough I power down the bike and power it up AAAANNNNDDDDD.... NADA!!  It's still stiff as 2x4.  But... this time around, I think I know what I have to do to knock some sense into this sucker.  The last time this happened, I parked the bike and start to lift and squat the bike.  When I did that, the ESA came back and functioned like, "Malfunction?  What malfunction?  I don't know what you're talking about..."

Sure enough, I parked the bike (side stand), wiggled the heck out of the bike and sure enough there's that look (if a motorcycle can have a an expression on it's face).  The ESA came back and once again, "Malfunction?  What malfunction?  Etc."

Too funny, so it might very well be some type of mechanical or sensor issue.  It appears that I did something in the right way to get the ESA to trip up.  At least I know how to deal with this thing.

Like I said,"sometimes you just have to wiggle a bit and everything will be alright."

Written on: June 9, 2015
Last modified: June 9, 2015