Long distance stroll.

[ Saturday - June 20, 2015 ]

So much for heading east in June.  As of right now, the universe is not aligning for the Utah ride.  Too much is happening and everybody's schedule is whacked.  So we settle on a day ride instead.

Given that the Major has his Laam seat for nearly three months now, and the fact that he's been only able to test for 25 miles at a stretch, it was a quick and easy decision to delay Utah for a single day ride.  It's been a while since we've been at Isabella so that a good an long destination.  It would have been good to finally get that oh so tasty fish fillet that we keep hearing about, but the restaurant doesn't open until 4:00pm.  What the heck!  Forget the fish, we just going to do the ride.  So the question for the day is... is it a day long seat? Or is it no better than stock.  From what I can tell from the commute and the initial 90 miles, it's definitely better than stock, but I'm not sure this is a day long seat.

Total: 377 miles
Time: ~5.5 hours

In the end we're not sure whether it's our clothing or the seats aren't day long seats.  For sure we're good to ride about 180 miles before saddle soreness settles in, but by that time we need to fuel up anyway.  For my part, I think the trapped heat from the foam is causing fatigue.  At this rate with more attention to clothing selection, I'm sure we can achieve 500 miles a day.

Written on: June 22, 2015
Last modified: June 22, 2015