Blue for tunes.

[ Sunday - May 15 ]

So at long last, my iPod bit the big one and refuses to take charge any more.  It's probably because I have the stupid thing always plugged into the bike power.  No problem, I hated the stupid thing anyway.  It was a force buy from my younger bro as he wanted to recover some money when he switched over to an iPhone.  Personally, I think Apple stuff sucks large tamales, but that's just my opinion.  Is Windblows any better?  Don't ask.  Anyway, I recently upgraded from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to an S7.  It's about time I changed over to using the Galaxy phones.  It has much more capacity than the iCrap anyway.

I've tried Bluetooth receivers before and have extremely disappointed.  Still, I don't want to plug and unplug the 3.5mm cable every single time I get on/off the bike.  So I go cruising Amazon to see what I can find.  I remembered Baehr had a Bluetooth adapter but I don't if I can get it to work with the J&M Integrator IV.  Surf and surf I go.  Then I happened on this thing...

It's interesting enough.  At ~$16 a pop, that's not too bad.  I just hope it works the way they advertise.  A lot of the rating on Amazon has 4.5 stars.  Generally, Amazon is pretty good with ratings.  I add to cart and check out.  Once it came in the mail, (for some unknown reason) I let it sit around the house for a while.  Eventually I got off my arshe and finally set it up.  Hey hey hey!  It works.  Not only that, it sounds really good.  I thought the + and - buttons on the side was for volume.  Instead, it's to switch tracks.  Awesome!  That's way better than trying to swipe unlock the stupid iCrap and then try to hit the skip button.  It's a pain while moving.  Stupid lame interface.  Now I just have to grab the little MPow and push the + button to skip a tune.  Nice.

The other good deal with this unit is you can use it while it's charging.  Other Bluetooth units I purchase charges via the 3.5mm jack or mini USB.  On the mini USB one, you can't use it while it's charging.  That's no good for somebody like me who likes tunes while on the go and having to charge.  I liked this thing so much that I purchased a second one.  So that I can continue the tunes from the phone even when I get off of the bike.  Some say music is pointless, I feel sorry for them.

One for on the road and the other for off the bike.

Now my wired intercom can also accept Bluetooth audio.

This little buy is worth the pennies.

Written on: August 25, 2016
Last modified: August 25, 2016