[ Friday - February 17, 2017 ]

It's a slow work day and also the replacement clutch lever is at the dealer.  So I decided to leave work a little early to end my 2/3 clutch level annoyance.  While the mechanic is overhauling the monster, they introduced me to a new doodad called an ... ezCan.  It's a new product developed specifically for the BMW CAN bus that listens to the power/data bus for specific signals.  The end result is aftermarket components like aux lights, can be controlled using the OEM switches.  Nice!


The other cool thing about the ezCan is you can adjust its default setting.  The unit does some pretty fancy stuff that is somewhat questionable in terms of street laws.  Things like pulsing the aux lights rapidly with the right sequences of right beam clicks.

All of the settings are done by:
It's pretty cool.  Now my Clearwater Lights Erica's are 100% high beam enabled.  6000 lumens x 2.  It's bright.  I flash people to allow them to pass and I'm ... WOAW!!

Written on: July 6, 2017
Last modified: July 6, 2017