I had forgotten about that...

[ Monday - March 19, 2018 ]

Lately, the GS has been exerting hard to start problems... again.  "Is the battery low on charge again?" is my initial thought.  After several over night charging session, the bike still has problems starting.  The trip 2 Odo shows 40895 miles.  That's not quite 6K, but it's close enough that I have an incling what the problem might be.  "I had forgotten about this behavior" and recall that around 5-6K miles, the 2013 GS likes a fresh air filter.  Riding through some construction and gardening dust storms doesn't help.  After 5 years, there are only three possible things that will cause the GSW to behave like this: 1) Battery needs charging, 2) battery is starting to fail, or 3) monster needs a new air filter.

This is all the reason why I have an extra air filter handy.  Now I have to go get another spare.

Written on: March 19, 2018
Last modified: September 4, 2018