Push rod, slave cylinder, master cylinder... it's none of that.

[ Saturday - September 1 ]

So the clutch on the GSW has been behaving in a really odd way of late.  On engine deceleration, the clutch behaves by pulsing and giving the impression there is no hydrolic pressure.  In some cases the clutch stays engaged to the engine and the bike wants to lurch forward when no braking is applied.  It has a squishy feel.  A couple of pumps of the lever allows the clutch to eventually disengage from the engine.  Suffice to say, it gives the appearance that the clutch is slipping.  The first thought was the push rod at the slave cylinder end is having problems.  Replacing the push rod worked for a while until the problem came back in a couple of weeks.  So if replacing the push rod didn't fix the problem, it's likely the slave cylinder going bad.  The slave cylinder was changed and everything is good for about another week.  Now the clutch is having the same problem again.  The only remaining part is the master cylinder.  When the master cylinder was replaced, I was hoping this is the end of my clutch problem.  Nope!  The head mechanic test rode my GSW and nearly killed himself.  Apparently, the clutch problem I'm having has nothing to do with the hydrolic clutch system.  It has something to do with the components around the clutch itself.  It's not the nut and bolt holding the clutch assembly.  They both haven't slipped off.  Interesting problem to say the least.  The verdict is still out.  Brown BMW is still investigating the problem.  Bummer, no GSW to ride around for a while.

Given my situation and the fact that there was a used F800R sitting outside the showroom, I went ahead and nabbed the below while my GSW is taking a vacation.

Just got it back from the dealer.  Still has the Atacama top bag and tank bag (bungee strapped) from the GSW.

It's a 2015 model.  Just a straight up bike with only a slight touch of fancy, traction control.  Everything else is basic.  No fancy ESA suspension.  Just a simple knob for pre-load.  The good... 3791 miles.  The bad... has rust on the chain.  The ugly... no center stand nor accessory port.  All in all, it's a fun little thing to own and ride.  It's not as fast as the GSW, but it gets around and has enough grunt to put cars in the distance.

I've always had plans of getting an F800R as a second bike.  Now is as good a time as ever to get one.  They don't make these little things any more.  The F850R is coming out next spring, likely.  Under seat gas tank or above engine gas tank?  That's the question.  Some complain the under seat gas tank makes the rear look fat.  Well, yes it can do that.  As for my preference, I like the under seat gas tank.  It distributes the weight a little better.  The other benefit... it's a Rotax motor.  The new F850 engine is a BMW Chinese made engine.  Supposedly it work just as well as the Rotax.  That might be so, but it doesn't have the Rotax name on it.

My girls tell me, "It's cute."

Written on: September 4, 201
Last modified: September 4, 2018