Appreciating the 12GSW.

[ Tuesday - January 15]
I admit it.  Sometimes I get into this funk and think, "Why am I riding around on a GS?"  It's not like I go off road a lot.  In fact, the last time I went off road on the GSW was to pull over to the side of the highway.  I haven't really went off road with the GSW.  The real significant off road was on the F8GS.  So I start going down this mental road about maybe I can sell off the GS and get a R1250R.  Maybe even give my F8R to my older bro.  Then I'm reminded about how much equipment and spare parts I have for the GSW.  So on and so forth...

That is until it starts raining.  Yes I've ridden the 8R in the rain.  The 8R does fine.  No sliding around and handles the wet quite well.  But the 8R is no GS.  With this week long rain, it's undeniable that the R12GSW is king in the rain.  Regardless of it's size, the wet might as well be dry tarmac.  In fact, it's so stable that it instills confidence.  Large pools of water, fast running wide drainage, and extremely flooded streets.  The GSW doesn't care.  "Sock it to me," is the response I get from the beast.  I was parting the Red Sea with the GSW and it doesn't care.  Stable and steady.  I just had to remember to stand on the pegs to lower my center of gravity and down shift to a lower gear to ensure I had sufficient power to cut through the ocean.

I remember on one of the commute home a guy pulled me over and started talking to be about his brother's R12GS he was test riding.  He didn't quite understand what the big deal was about the GS.  To him it felt dead and lifeless.  Then again he's not riding the GS in the manner in which it was meant to be used.  Either off road or in extreme conditions.  Until one experiences a GS in such conditions, it's highly probably the point is missed on why the GS is what it is and why it's BMW's flagship motorcycle.  Dammit!  You can't haggle the price for a R1200GS.  The dealer refuses.  You either buy it or you don't.

In these extremes conditions there is no substitution for the GS.  Selling and giving away the bikes?  Perhaps another day.  For today, I'll hold onto the beast that is the R12GSW.

Written on: January 22, 2019
Last modified: January 22, 2019