Curry Run 1 '19

[ Saturday - March 30, 2019 ]

So we're all itchin'.  It's been a long winter with way more rain than we normally get in Southern California.  Heck, there was this one commute where I was parting the Red Sea with my GS.  It was easily a three stream crossing one way.  Awesome!  But I digress.  Having been cooped up with nothing but daily commutes to work, I think everybody was way more than ready for a day ride.  The allure of good Thai curry helps also.

Little Tujunga is the way it always is except when the road construction guy was toying with us by walking, ever so slowly back to his post, as a moving stop sign.  What a bother.

Spectacular.  The curry is excellent.  Just don't look into the kitchen as you walk pass to head toward the restroom.  What can I say, it's sometimes better to just keep looking forward as you walk.  There is a "B" rating on the door.  Heck!  I had the tofu so I'm not so worried.

On our way back, we all saw Big Bear in the distance.  Ice capped and all.  Of course we have to take a picture.  Well, we did something different for the picture.  When Brian signaled me that he wanted a picture, I didn't realize it was for a group picture, so I pulled over to the side of Sierra HWY.  If you've ever been in Lancaster and Palmdale,  You'll notice that Sierra HWY is an extremely busy street, but what the heck... since we're here, we might as well make the best of it.  So we took a couple of group picture on the side of Sierra HWY.  Too funny.  I'm sure some of the locals thought that we were loco.

Yes, it's a lot of sky.


A simple but great ride.

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