New Rotors

[ Sunday - May 5, 2019 ]
After about 45K miles, the dealer tells me that the front rotors need replacing...  4mm below specs.  That's quite a bit.  The question is to EOM the front rotors or some other brand?  I've used Galfer Wave Rotor in the past for the rear on the F8GS before.  The Wave rotors worked well enough.  However, for the front, I'll stick to OEM (Brembo).  Pricey.  $800 for the pair from the dealer.

I installed them myself with advise from the dealer... "You might need to heat the bolts a bit if they don't want to move."  Sure enough some of them don't want to move.

One side taken off already.

closer look.

New rotor.  So nice.

So etched.

I ended up breaking one of the Torx socket.  It was because I used one size smaller than it was supposed to be.

After that, I heated all of the bolts.  Heat how?  Just a hair drier was sufficient heat to loosen the bolts.

Mounting the new rotors with new bolts.

I used new bolts from the dealer since I had them.  I could have used the old bolts by cleaning them and applying thread lock.

Hah... one of the remaining things I can work on the bike without a bunch of electronic diagnostic tools.  It was fun.  For my wife, if she reads this article... yes, I wiped the hair drier with disinfectant wipes after I was done.

Written on: January 17, 2020
Last modified: January 17, 2020