Simply shocking!

[ Saturday - April 25, 2020 ]

7 years into owning the 2013 R1200GS LC.  What happened here.  It seems like it was just yesterday that I took the bike home.  Let alone swapping out the rear shock at approximately 2 years and 20K miles because it was a Pogo stick going down the highway.  Ho!  Look at it!  51K miles?  That was fast.  I received this curious emails from Touratech USA.  Something about, "... it's been at least two years since you've purchased our shock. ... recommend rebuilding the shock every 20K miles..."  Yeah, the shock has been feeling a bit saggy lately.  It's starting to Pogo but nowhere near the level of the stock shock back in the day.  I can't just keep cranking up the low speed dampening.  It's time to swap out the rear shock.

I took the monster to Brown Motor Works in Pomona.  James, the lead mechanic said, "That shock was toast."  OK, that's more than a clear sign that it was the right thing to do.  Since the shock is over built and I don't do a lot of off road, other than hopping a curb here or there, the shock actually lasted about 30K.  Wow, not bad.  Now it's time to contact Touratech USA and have the old shock rebuilt.

The old TT Tractive shock strapped to the bike.

Old shock, new box.

Looking brand spanking new.  Not even a spec of dirt on it.

New, new, new...

The old worn out thing.  Time to clean it up a bit and send it off to have it rebuilt.

One thing I learned about these ESA shocks, they don't appear to last as long as the simple non-electronic shocks.  The regular shocks appear to last at least double the life of an ESA shock.  The next BMW bike I'm looking at will not have ESA on it.

Written on: May 18, 2020
Last modified: May 18, 2020