It's a bit tilted.

[ Saturday - July 31, 2020 ]
So it's been a while since something was written.

Not a whole lot of riding because COVID is still raging.  For some odd reason, some of the populous thinks vaccines are a political statement.  Associating medicine that keeps you from dying as a political statement against freedom is just odd to me.  1+1 doesn't add up to 2, but maybe it's because I'm just too dense to understand the death and dying situation.

Enough about so called politics, I decided to go for a ride.  Test out the Sena 10C camera again.  This is the camera helmet on the F8R.  Definitely a bit tilted.

Slightly scaled down from original.

I didn't realize the 10C is leaning at an angle away from the helmet.

I was satisfied with the 10C's volume and management that I went ahead and bough a second 10C for the GS helmet.  Finally cutting the cord for both bikes.

[ Sunday August 1, 2021 ]

The next day I changed the GS's windshield and took the bike out for a test ride.  The last time I rode the GS, I noticed that the air flow coming off the top of the windshield causes turbulence right around my ear level.  Not being 6'4" means the air flow is at just the right wrong place.  I guess I notice this more after riding the F8R (without a windshield).  So when I swap out the stock windshield for a extremely trimmed Cee Bailey's windshield, I notice there isn't as much turbulent helmet wind noise.  I'm going to stick with the small windshield from here out.  It's better to have the entire helmet out in the wind flow instead of partially in and out.  It's all or nothing.  No half assed stuff here.

Pretty tilted image.

Angeles Crest Hwy

Angeles National Forest Hwy

Yeah, definitely tilted on the GS helmet cam.  Need to adjust it a bit.

How do I feel about a side mounted camera as opposed to a top mounted camera?  I don't know, they both kind of do the same thing at different angles.  A side mounted camera doesn't cause as much helmet air resistance, but there is a little loss of camera angle.  It's a crap shoot.

Written on: August 3, 2021
Last modified: August 3, 2021