20 second (or less) of fame!

What is this?  This page is dedicated to those folks out there that are curious enough and daring enough (I'm not that intimidating ... am I?) to come up to me and say, "HI! is that a helmet cam?" or "Is that thing rolling?".  They have approximately 20 seconds to make their peace.  Most of the people that talk to me are quite friendly and funny.

Here you go folks!  These videos are dedicated to you wonderful friendly folks out there.  Ham it up and make a spectacle of yourself in 20 seconds or less.

Here's a cool classic bike.  BMW R69S
A fellow biker and coworker.

Curious bike.  Is it an enduro?

What for art thou attached there yonder camera?

Do I want to trade vehicles?
[ May 26, 2008 ]

Written on: August 7, 2006
Last modified: July 16, 2007