Leatt it baby!

[ Wednesday - June 3, 2009 ]

It's been a good three weeks since I received my Leatt brace.  I've been wearing it every time I ride the 8GS.  Be it on the commute to work or riding through the twisties of Yosemite.  What do I think of the brace?  I think it's plenty cool.  Not only that, I now stand a chance of not breaking my neck if I ever come off the bike.  Of course the idea is to never come off the bike in the first place.  With the infusion of tax return money, I went ahead and got myself the Moto GPX Sport (carbon fiber) model.  Yes it cost around $600, but what is $600 compared to paralysis from the neck down or death?  For me, money is nothing compared to my life.  After all I have several little responsibilities to take care of.  I didn't do much to adjust the brace other than changing out the pins from the medium size pins to the large pins.  Putting the back panel behind both shims also helps.  Beyond these two things, I didn't adjust anything else for the brace to fit me perfectly.  Yes, it just sits on my chest, shoulder, and back.  No other attachments.  A strap is povided to ensure the brace stay on the shoulder but it's not a requirement.  I will eventually use the strap but I'm not in a hurry to put that on.

Moto GPX Sport

When I ride around with this gadget around my neck, I don't even notice the brace.  I noticed it when I first used it but quickly got use to the brace.  Nowadays, the brace isn't even there.  It's there but it's not there.  If anything it's a little bit of insurance.  I already look enough like a Star Wars stormtrooper, but now it's even worse.  Some people have noticed the brace, other don't.  Just today I had a coworker approach me and ask me what that collar was for.  I quickly explain to him it is used to prevents hyper extension of the neck upon a crash.  His curiosity was satisfied and he continued on his merry way.

There it is... the Leatt Brace.  Yes I'm yawning from the excitement.

Written on: June 3, 2009
Last modified: June 3, 2009