Didn't need encouragement, but got it anyway.

[ Monday - July 20, 2009 ]

About a week ago or more, I decided to pull my Gaerne SG10 boots out of the closet and start wearing them.  Why?  Because in about a month or two I'm going to be off road around the Mammoth Lakes area.  It's about time I get use to the off road configuration again.  This will be the first time I'm riding the 8GS with the SG10.  I don't know how it's all going to work.  Fortunately, within a weeks time, the boots have really loosened up and I'm riding in comfort.  The previous thought that I have broken in the SG10 when I was riding the F650GS was a misnomer.  Oh well, at least the boots are now truly broken in.  I'm actually able to shift with only a moderate amount of effort.  The Mammoth situation is looking better every day.

It's easily 95F during the commute home today, but the combination of the cool vest and the SixSixOne pressure suit is really helping to keep things reasonable.  The white SG10 boots is also doing a good job of reflecting sun light and the heat from the bike and surrounding cars.  So I'm sitting here at the intersection waiting for the light to turn green.  I notice a Mercedes of some form behind me.  The driver is nice enough to give me adequate space so that the license plate is not stuck up my tailpipe.  Trust me, I'm always thankful when drives give me that little bit of space.  When the light turns green, I slowly roll out beyond the starting gate.  At this point the Mercedes behind me has already changed into the adjacent lane and begins to pass me.  This is when things get interesting.  As she passes me she slows down a bit,  rolls down her driver side window, and utter the words, "That's a nice outfit you have there..."  I said "Hello!" and start laughing.  By this time, she has already shifted one more lane to take the freeway.

Apparently the combination of the SixSixOne pressure suit, the Leatt neck brace, the BMW pants, and the Gaerne SG10 boots was sufficiently safe/impressive enough that she had to comment on the configuration.  I really didn't need additional encouragement on my safety gear, but I'm more than happy to take positive comments when a car drive spends an extra couple of seconds to appreciated the amount of safety gear that I have incorporated onto my being.  It's nice to know that people out there appreciate and recognize the need for safety gear.  As for me, I follow my heart and the Captain's comment (e.g. "You can never have enough safety gear when riding a motorcycle...").  In certain circumstances I sometimes feel that ATGATT is still not enough.  Fortunately, this is far and few in between.  I'm also very happy, glad, proud, etc. that I haven't had to use my safety gear.  Knock on wood.  I'm hoping to keep it that way.

Written on: July 20, 2009
Last modified: July 20, 2009