Just one in the F800GS gang.

[ Monday - March 15, 2010 ]

Oh the beauty of owning an '09 F800GS.  I still count my blessing as my problem manifest itself as a hard to start problem only.

Most of the other folks out there are encountering problems with stalling, which is a lot more dangerous while on the move.  The below Youtube video has an owner's bike stall after stall while riding a trail.  Not only that, it even stalls while he's on city streets.  He keeps on pulling off to the side of the street to re-ignite his bike.  All this under a beautiful blue sky.

Poor Coyote50.  He has it pretty bad.
Who said the bumble bee version is immune?

What does this all mean?  It means I get to haul the 8GS into the dealer tomorrow and leave the bike with them until my hard to start problem is fixed.  In the meanwhile, I'll be putting money down on a reliable R12R just so I can get myself going again.  I never should have gotten rid of the 12R in the first place.  Now the question is, can I get the R12R that I want?  The other reason why I'm going back to the 12R is because I never got rid of all the accessories from the 12R in the first place.  I'm all set if I get the 12R with the configuration I want.

Written on:  March 15, 2010
Last modified:  March 15, 2010