Full circle.

[ Tuesday - March 16, 2010 ]

My wife tells me I'm obsessed.  Perhaps.  Or perhaps it's really a case of me knowing what I want in a motorcycles.  I didn't like the idea of trading in the 12R, but I was told I can only have one motorcycle.  Pussy whipped?  Perhaps a little.  I like to think of it as, "Keeping the peace" and still have a little bit of my way.  Being forced into just one bike means I have to get a good reliable bike.  As a result, I went for the 8GS instead of the new F650GS or the G650GS.  It was sad to see the 12R go, but the 8GS is pretty awesome.  That is until all these starting problems stared poking it head into the heavenly dream.  That sucks!  Now I'm faced with having one motorcycle that is going into the shop more than spending its time making circles around town.  I love the 8GS, when it runs.  This couple with a bunch of other family related issues prompted me to do the one less dreadful thing, selling my Subaru Forester.  Ah... the Forester.  I love the car too.  It's a Subaru.  That means it's really reliable and can go almost anywhere.  Think of it as the GS of the automotive world.  The one reason why I didn't mind getting rid of it is, I hardly touched it.  On top of it all, the insurance premium is painful.  This year's insurance is $600+ and it's a 2002 model.  What a rip.  My wallet is still smoking from last month's policy payment.  Anyway, it's all good because I get to have one of these...

Alpine White R1200R
Alpine white R1200R

At this point I'm so ready for a reliable bike that will start at a touch of a button.  Knowing that the R12R hasn't been tampered with, configuration wise, ever since its inception in 2006, guarantees that this 2010 model will work just as well as the 2007 model I had.  I'm growing and learned more every year that I'm on two wheels.  nowadays everything in my being tells me to keep the bike simple.  Do just what is need to protect the bike in key areas and not over load it with farkles and weigh it down.  As a result, this 12R will only receive head guards and not a crash bar.  Most of its time will be spent with only a trunk in the back, but the panniers are sitting around waiting for those long hauls that require the 12R to be a pack mule.

The waiting begins.  Waiting for word when the bike is in and is ready for pickup.  According to my sales adviser, the alpine white will show up next week some time.  That's also the time when I hand my 8GS over to the service guys to have and hold until they can fix the 8GS's problem under warranty.  Once everything in order for the 8GS, I'll be looking forward to riding it once again.  In the meanwhile I think I'm going to be more than content with the new 12R.  Now it's a matter of making sure the problematic 8GS continues to operate because I'll be down to one vehicle as of the end of this weekend.  The 8GS has to last until the end of next week.  Let's hope I can do it.  At least I've managed a procedure that seems to keep the bike running.  Worst case, I'll get a rental car for a couple days.  That sucks but I have to do what I have to do to get to work to make some $s to pay off the above.

Written on: March 16, 2010
Last modified: March 16, 2010