Go ahead and chop my head off.

[Wed July 26, 2006]

Well what do we have here.  Something that I think all motorcyclist know all too well.  I don't know about other folks out there but I'm terrified of soccer moms (e.g. women that drive an SUV big enough to be a living room with full furnishings doing 90MPH in the car pool lane hugging your rear tire like it is a yummy looking brain being sought after by the zombies from "Dawn of the Dead"), tough monster truck guys (e.g. trucks of all kinds with wheels the size of my Subaru Forester and jacked up so high that they're eye level with a pilot of a Boeing 747 flying non stop from Los Angeles to New York), big rigs, and *sshole drivers (e.g. guys that own the road because they agreed to owing $90K+ on a vehicle, like a Range Rover, and haul it at 90 MPH while economizing fuel at the rate of a whoppin' 19 miles to the gallon).  Yes, I'm petrified of them.  Why?  Because they are the epitome of what a bad driver is.  They are unaware of their environment, drive way too fast and are unaware of their vehicle's limitation (e.g. the physics of mass, energy, and how friction is just not enough to stop you in some situations), and they don't care when they cut bikers off forcing the motorcyclist to bail just to save them self from further injury.  Where am I going with all this nonsense?  Well guess what happened to yours truly.  The fortunate thing, I saw it happening and took appropriate action before anything bad can happen.  My situation wasn't really all that bad but it happened nonetheless.  It could have been worse if I was day dreaming like the driver.

According to the classification above, this is a combo driver.  A blond woman driving a mid size truck (Ford F150) and is completely unaware of her environment.  There is a passenger and no doubt she is busy talking to the guy.  Mirrors?  Mirrors are used to make sure  the makeup is on right.  Looking over the shoulder?  That just causes you to get a kink in the neck.  The funny thing is, she did her deed and refuses to acknowledge her fault.  Instead of waiving a sorry wave, she and her passenger just pretended that nothing happened.  They look stiffer than a 2x4.  I dare say they were afraid to make eye contact.  Proof of guilt I say.  Have a look.

I had predicted this far enough ahead that I had time to honk my horn.

Written on: Aug 3, 2006
Last modified: Aug 3, 2006