It's my road and I can drive however I want!

[Thursday September 7, 2006]

Labor Day weekend is over and all the idiots are back to work.

First off, there's nothing like being cut off by a car sneaking into your lane while the driver is preoccupied making sure the cell phone is jammed deep enough into his/her ear canal.  I don't know about you but I can't account for my time when I drive and talking on the cell phone.  I equate blabbing on a cell phone while driving to driving under the influence.  I'm talking about a big FAT DUI if you can't read between the lines.  Suffice to say, I keep my conversations short, really short.  Also, what's the hurry?  You're only trying to get to work and there's a BIG RED stop sign in front of you anyway.

Second, "How Rude!" is the only thing that comes to mind as I deal with a mom that's in a hurry to get her son to school.  On an impulse or on no forethought, take your pick, she decides I'm just an annoyance that she can just drive around.  As you watch the video, take note of what she says, "I thought you were turning around..."  Yeah!  Right!  No matter how you slice it, whether it be 2 MPH or 60 MPH, it's just rude to cut someone off.  If she stayed the course and drove next to me to the stop sign, she would have hit the car parked on the side of the street.  Soccer mom?  No, more like a mindless I don't know how to think and need to go back to the DMV to take a driving exam mom.

Solution?  I'm putting my 31/41 liter panniers back on so that my *ss is so wide that nobody can split my lane.  If they do bump me, they bump the Zega panniers first.  Freaking mindless zombies!!...

Written on: September 7, 2006
Last modified: September 7, 2006