Double take... Triple take...

This one didn't really effect me much aside from causing me to go "HUH?" and making me check to make sure I saw what I saw.  This is a three way intersection (Colorado Blvd and Colorado Place in Arcadia, CA) where the right turn is a stop light.  Let me iterate again... "STOP LIGHT".  Some people run this light thinking it's OK to do so because they're making what appears to be a right turn.  HELLO!!!  There is a BIG HONKIN' LIGHT in front of you!  I don't see a 'Yield' sign anywhere.  Amazing!  I've also caught two other people pulling this same stunt before I had the helmet cam.  At least now I can record any future incidence.  Let's see how long it takes before I can get another clip to add to the list.

Written on: August 16, 2006
Last modified: August 16, 2006