Baby's ready for the road.

[May 4, 2007]

At long last, the 600 mile run-in is done.  The manufacturer's manual says not to run the bike pass 4K RPMs but I know this is insufficient.  Having experienced this on the GS, I know better.  This time around I work the R12R really hard.  I've commuted to work for about a month on pretty much gears 1-3.  The other three gears hardly get any time.  Only on days where I'm tired of convulsing on my bike do I take it up to 4-6.  Once again some cars think I'm trying to race them but in reality I'm just trying to break in my bike.  I'm sure they were surprise as I zip pass them to only have them catch up to me quickly as I let the throttle go to do some engine breaking.

Anyway, I take the 12R in for it's 600 mile run-in.  I'm actually at 675 or so miles.  As usual the Brown Motor Works services guys are very friendly and are more than happy to take my bike in for service.  Among the run-in service I'm also having my BMW Nav III wired up.  When I traded in my R12GS, I kept the navigation system knowing that it will also work on the R12R.  I took my bike in at 8:00 AM and around 1:00 PM I received the call from Kile that my bike is done and ready for pickup.  Wow, that was fast.  I thought it was going to be there until the end of day today.  I scurry over and picked up the bike.

The check list for all the maintenance done for the bike is substantial.  Cool.  I see that the final drive has more lubrication added to it.  At a little less than $400, that's a lot of money.  However, there was a lot of work done.  This time around I know better than to pretend I'm a mechanic.  I'll let the trained folks do the work.  Good job on Brown's part.  I'll do the simple stuff like plug flat tires and add oil.  They can do the rest.

Written on: May 6, 2007
Last modified: July 3, 2007