Whatch for that... too late!

[Tuesday - October 28, 2008]

I can't say that it's boring to ride around with a helmet cam on my head.  Well, for the most part I end up deleting about 98% of the footage.  However, there are, on occassion, some interesting information that comes flutters pass my CCD.

I don't know where the mind of this minivan driver is at, but it's definitely not on her driving.  This is also all the reason for pausing a few seconds before punching the gas pedal with your lead foot when the light turns green.  For that fact, let the driver behind you honk.  When the driver see what is zipping pass you, he'll thank you for delaying him.  For my buddy Russ, you should show this to your wife so she would understand why you pause for a short moment when the light turns green.  If she doesn't understand, she needs to seek guidance.  Cheers people, and watch out for these drivers.  They're everywhere.

Written on: November 3, 2008
Last modified: November 3, 2008