Lake Mead
Pre trip planning

808 miles total - estimated 17:30 hours travel time.

[Wednesday - May 14, 2008]

Camping ... no camping ... camping.  The final conclusion is we're going to camp out for two nights at Cottonwood Cove for this trip.  Originally we are to rough it out at the Laughlin Harra's hotel and casino but they're booked solid for May 30th and 31st.  Bummer.  We could have stayed at another hotel but the price is right at the campsite, $10 per 4 motorcycles.  You can't beat that price when you consider gasoline is close enough to $4.25 for a gallon of 91 grade, and it going to take quite a few gallons for us to get to where we want to go.  V, the Captain, and myself are happy to be camping out.  The Sarge, however, it's crimpin' his style.  He starts by saying, "My body can't handle camping because of the required medication I have to take.  I'm Bailing out!"  Oh come one, just because his drugs can reak havoc on the little guy if he does get sufficient rest doesn't mean he has to "baile out".  Come on Sarge, we're not so cold blooded and cruel.  Fortunately, the area we're camping at is also know as Cottonwood Cove Resort.  In other words, there are also hotels and motels there.  The Sarge was happy to see this so he's not going to bail.  Now we can continue on our route planning.

[Sunday - May 25, 2008]

At this point the routes are settled.  The accommodations have been set (the Sarge is hoteling it), and now it's just a matter of deciding what to take for the three days.  Accoding to the forecast, it's suppose to be nice and hot.  Highs are in the mid to upper 90s, and lows are in the mid to upper 60s.  The rest of us are going to camp it.  Bringing a 30 degree sleeping bag will probably roast me but it's the easiest thing to do.  Plus, if the temperature does dip below the 60s, I won't have a problem.  This is going to be a fun.

[Thursday - May 29, 2008]

Yup!  It happened again.  What is it you ask?  The Sergeant has once again bailed.  He setup the date and at the last minute, bailed once more.  What was the excuse this time?  He said he was coming down with something.  His son was also getting ill.  Well, I can't fault him too much, but nonetheless, he's opted not to go at the last minute.  V is also too busy at work so she can't make it.  Oh well, it's the three amigos.

What this also means is that we get to alter routes in the hopes that the second day will be less of a distance strain.  Instead of staying at Cottonwood Cove both nights, we're going to stay at Boulder Bay the first night and then Cottonwood Cove the second night.  At all works out I guess.  Now it's just a matter of packing up and heading out.  We're suppose to cook every night so I have to bring plenty of fuel.

At long last, I'm done packing at 11:30pm.  That's early for me.  Most of the time I'm not done until 1:00AM.  Now I have to get myself ready for bed.  Hopefully anxiety doesn't attack and I'm able to get some sleep.

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Written on: May 14, 2008
Last modified: June 2, 2008