Lockwood, almost.

[Sunday - January 20, 2008]

The original plan is to ride Lockwood today.  However, it will turn out to be everything else but that.

The morning starts off simple enough.  Everybody who's suppose to be present at 8:00 AM didn't show up.  I can understand why.  8:00 AM is a hard time to make when it's on the weekend.  The original thought of Lockwood being a 10-12 hour ride has been shaved down to a 5 and 1/2 hours ride. This means more freeway than normal but it's best due to the time interest.  I know Kevin can handle the long ride, but I'm not sure about his buddies.

The night before saw the Captain calling with a mention that he can't make it because he's coming down with a fever.  Not cool, but I will never fault anybody who thinks they can't make a ride due to health reasons.  "It's cool.  Just take care of yourself," was the last remark before I hung up the phone.

8:45 AM.  Mikee is the last to appears.  We're all ready to go with the exception of me needing to stop by the ATM and all of us needing to fuel up.

With the final drop of fuel bring put into our tanks, we head out on the 210 freeway.  The one thing about starting a ride this early in the morning, on a long holiday weekend, is the fact that most people are either at home snoring away or they're out of town.  The freeway is open and fast moving.  Approximately 45 minutes later, we're on Lake Hughes road next to Castaic Lake.  I know this road take us all the way to Pine Canyon road, but I've never been on it before.  If it turns out to be a good road, we'll take it more often to head to Gorman instead of taking Little Tujunga and Sand Canyon.

As I ride this road I can't help but think that whoever is suppose to maintain this road isn't doing too hot of a job.  There were cracks everywhere and the road shows signs of some needed repaving.  Even the bumpiest sections of Sand Canyon felt like a baby's bottom.  What's worse, there is ever oh so much sand laying about in the middle of the road.  My rear wheel slid a tad in one section of the road while making a turn.  I don't think I'll be considering this road much in the future.

We eventually make it to Pine Canyon road and head towards Gorman.  I thought everything was fine until I made the left turn to continue on Pine Canyon Rd (e.g. the corner of Pine Canyon road and Three Points road).  I knew I signaled at least 1/4 mile away from the turn.  Danny, one of Kevin's buddies, was right behind me.  For some reason he doesn't see my signal nor my tail light when I started breaking.  I have the Gizmomill LED tail  light that flashes rapidly to inform the person behind me that I'm breaking.  He goes shooting pass me, comes to a sudden halt, and then drops his bike.  By that time I had already finished my turn and had stopped on the side of the road.  I don't know what happened, but he's down.  I point to Danny as everybody stopped.  The others in the back are much closer to Danny so they helped him to pickup his bike.  Good thing there was absolutely nobody out here.  The bike suffered minor superficial damage.

We continued on.  As we got deeper into Pine Canyon road, the turns start to get steeper and tighter.  On the first tight turn, Danny over shot again and crashed his bike.  He said he tried to stop but ended up on the dirt and could do anything.  He broke his lower left fairing and was a bit shaken up.  For me there is no point to riding Lockwood as it's much more technical than Pine Canyon road.  We're seeing two incidences on a simple road let alone the road to Lockwood Valley.  As a result, I called off the ride.  We eventually made it to Gorman and had lunch before taking 76 miles on the I5 and the 210 back home.

The good thing about today's ride?  At least I finished my video equipment testing.  Everything appears to be working as planned.  The other good thing, we didn't ride Lockwood.  It would have been cold and who know how many stream and washout crossings we would have to do.  We'll try Lockwood again when it warms up.  It will have to be May or later.

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Written on: January 21, 2008
Last modified: January 21, 2008