Honda CBR-1100XX preventive maintenance...

[ Wednesday - July 26, 2008 ]

Written by:  The Captain
I love preventive maintenance. Bike specific web forums gave us great opportunities to see what failed in the same make/model of the bike that other people are riding, giving us a chance to fix a bug before it happens, drawing on other people' experience.

Today, I replaced the fuel hoses of my 10-year old 44000-mile bike. Nobody ever had a busted fuel hose ever on a carb bike but for a few bucks, I went ahead to replace them.
The beauty of gravity-fed carburator without the need of high pressure fuel hose and fuel pump. Cool.

Reading other Blackbird forums, some people had a rupture fuel valve diaphragm on 97-98 carb bike after 9 years or so and once it's ruptured, the fuel stopped. Mine is still working great but you never know. So I went ahead to order a complete fuel valve with all new seals and diaphragm and replaced it today. The old one still looked perfectly good so I'm going to keep it in my tail trunk as a backup.

The complete new Honda OEM fuel valve (aka petcock), 2 new OEM radiator hoses, 2 new OEM fuel hoses cost me a whopping total of $53 including shipping.

Look at this 10-year old 44000-mile Honda CBR-1100XX engine, not a single drop of oil anywhere...

Written on: July 27, 2008
Last modified: July 27, 2008