What's your hurry?

[Thursday - January 31, 2008]

I have driven pass and met plenty of Harley riders within the 4 or so years that I've been on two wheels.  I have to say that about half, or a little less, of them can't be described as sensible.  Lately, I've been confronted with two Harley drivers, that are border line hostile.  I guess the so called "Bad ass attitude!" has me about ready to throw a couple of fireplace logs into their spokes while they try to haul ass at about 0-60 MPH in 60 seconds, light speed for some Harleys.  Again, I've met plenty of personable Harley riders, but the last two encounters has me saying, "Was that really necessary?"  Regardless of where you come from or where you've been, there is absolutely no reason for you to be rude to anybody.  This is especially true when the people around you have done absolutely nothing to warrant adolescence misbehavior on your part.

Blabbing aside, check out this Harley rider.  He's in such a hurry that he can't wait for a minivan to complete it's 4 way crossing.  The van doesn't even make it to the midway point.  Later on he passes a car at a blind turn in this pitch black night.  The funny thing about all this, it took me no more than 3 seconds to catch up to this soon to be a train wreck of a biker at the subsequent red light, and I didn't even have to be rude or reckless.  The one comment I would ask this guy if I ever meet him face to face, "Are you in such a hurry to throw away your life?"  Then again, with this type of riding habit, he's probably going to end up eating somebody's car grill.  Perhaps a Hummer even.

Crazy Harley rider.

BTW, is this the type of bad attitude Harley Davidson is condoning to promote their product line?

Written on: February 2, 2008
Last modified: February 2, 2008