Who says Beetles aren't assholes too!

[Monday - April 14, 2008]

Every once in a while, they show up out of the blue.  It's not a full moon type of day so what's going on?  There is an unusually high of idiotic activities today.  At one point I even looked up at the sky to see if there is a full moon.  What is going on?  People darting across lanes to get into a left turn lane, people talking on the cell phone while running a stop sign, and last but not least, an idiot who decided he is in such a hurry that he had to split my lane.  I thought BMW car drivers are the only arrogant idiots out there, but that's just no longer true.

Black VW Beetle California License plate number: 5RUD984  Perhaps I should pay the CHP a visit.  It's only about a 1/4 mile away from work.

Written on: April 14, 2008
Last modified: April 14, 2008