Go ahead, just drift on over.

[ Monday - July 14, 2008 ]

Oh yes, the urban jungle.  The place where zombies thrive and turn all motorcyclists into road kill... or was that butter on tarmac?  Check out this zombie and tell me what you think.  She didn't even bother to signal when she decided to just drift on over.  If she had signaled, even at the last minute, it would have turn out different.  Then again, excessive signally will result in a burned out signal light.  We don't want that now do we.

Good thing for me, I'm as alter as ever.  At the slightest indication that the front wheel was crossing the white dashed line, I was already taking evasive action.  Could Mr. Sulu have done better at the helm?  I don't think so.  When I did finally catch up to the driver, she claimed I was in her blind spot.  I think it's more of a case where she's couldn't be bothered to look in her side mirror or turn her head to check her blind spot.  Oh the comforts of driving a mausoleum.

Written on: July 16, 2008
Last modified: July 16, 2008