Professional driver my ASS!

[ Friday - September 12, 2008 ]

Check out this guy.  He's so lost and asleep that he should have stayed at home and slept in.  Through out the several years I've been riding, I have only seen two big rigs on this road.  This is second one.  My initial questions was, "What in the hells is he doing on this road?  This is not a truck route."  The nerve of the guy making a U-turn on a street like this.  Not only that, he's also asleep at the wheel.  Then again, I guess it's known for these guys to be asleep at the wheel.  There is no excuse for it though.

Once again, I can sense it coming so I was well prepared when it happened.  Two factors that caused this to happen.
  1. For some odd reason, the idiot in front of me refused to speed up.  He kept on lingering around the front end of the truck.
  2. The stupid truck driver was distracted from where he was suppose to go and wasn't paying attention to his surroundings.
I don't trust anybody on the road, and this proof enough that no motorcyclist should trust anybody.

Written on:  September 12, 2008
Last modified:  September 12, 2008