Marsee 22L Rack Seat Bag

[September, 24 2007]

Unlike the R12GS, I've been going light on the R12R.  This means no panniers unless absolutely necessary.  Do I even have panniers for the R12R?  Yes I do.  I bought a pair of the BMW Panniers that work on a R12R, R12ST, and R12RT.  They are very nice, but they're also 30+ liters large each.  This means they stick out quite a bit beyond the handle bars.  The result of this is, I get really poor mileage when the panniers are on.  Not only that, the R12R feels like the R12GS (e.g. not as toss-able nor exciting).  Because the R12R feels so sedated with the panniers on, I'm trying to mount all my luggage in-line with the bike.  Nothing sticks out on the left or right other than the handle bar and the heads.

I still have the Marsee Bavarian bag from my GS days but it's so big that it will occupy both the tail rack and the pillion seat.  Additionally, because I carry camera equipment around, I don't want somebody to slash the bag and have an easy getaway with my recording equipment.  The combat the possible situation, I have installed a Pelican case (1450) to lock away my recording devices.  However, the Pelican is rather small and can only accommodate the camcorder and some tools.  I needed something else that I can throw in my liner and other articles of clothing into.

I checked the Marsee website and found the 22L Rack Seat Bag is ideal for me.  It is just about the right dimensions for the pillion seat.

What a deal.  I found the Marsee 22L Rack Seat Bag at Sierra Trading Post as a clearance item.  Normally the bag goes for $140 but I got it for a mere $80.  It's a steal.

It turns out the bag is a little smaller than I had thought but it fits perfectly between me and the Pelican case in the back.  The major bonus, however, is the ease in which the bag can be mounted and removed.  The two straps with quick release clips underneath the bag allows for easy on/off.

The only possible complaint is the bag could be a little on the small side, but the small size allows for easy installation.  Beyond that, it's an awesome bag.  Very convenient and very practical.  I use it for my regular commute and for those short single day trips.

Written on:  September 24, 2007
Last modified:  September 24, 2007