Mammoth '10
Day 1

Total: 333 miles
Est. time: 9:20 hours

[ Friday - July 30, 2010 ]

There wasn't a whole lot of drama to start of on this trip, and that is nice.

Waiting for intercom fidgeting to be done.

Astro Burger!

Their Gyro's are forever awesome.  Fried zucchini works really well too.  Of course, the chocolate shake will help against the altitude sickness.

Why the GS over the R12R?  Easy!  The GS rides like a Cadillac.
Nice and smooth even over bumps.

Everybody is getting leg fatigue.  They dangle when there is a chance.

Keeping it legal...

Just pass the Olancha exit for the scenic Death Valley route.

At one point we had a large white pickup truck coming up fast and tailgating the couple.  Funny, he eventually had to pull off because a cop busted him for speeding.  These stretches of the 395 are monotonous.  All the reason for cager to speed to pass the boring time quickly.

Straight as an arrow.

We made good time.  It's still light out.

The trimmed down Touratech windshield did OK, but it was still noisy from wind buffeting.
It needs another 1" off I think.

Pre-trip Planning
Day 2
Day 3

Written on: September 5, 2010
Last modified: September 5, 2010