Still windy as heck!
Sedona, AZ '11

Total: 279 miles
Est time: 8 hours 50 minutes
Routes and map by Google.

[ Monday - October 10, 2011 ]

What happened.  The last several nights weren't so bad but last night was different.  Perhaps it's the Motel 6 accommodations.  For some reason the Major's snoring was the worst last night.  It was like being in a motel room with a Harley Davidson with straight pipes, and it wasn't idling.  Yikes!  Even with earplugs in and two pillows piled on top of my head, it didn't make any difference.  Oh this blows, but I made it through the night.  Maybe we should get separate accommodations next time.

Last night, having been in a dark mood due to all of the oddities happening around me, I didn't feel much like visiting my friend Bob.  But this morning is a different day.  I find myself looking forward to seeing the old friend.

London Bridge is the same as it ever was.  We cross it searching for that legalized wonder drug again... coffee.  One thing is for sure, the economy has impacted this region also.  The coffee shop we were at four years ago is long gone.  Only the skeleton of the shop remains.  Looking through the windows I can still see the hardware that was once used to make coffee.  I can only wonder as to when this place disappeared.  It is also extremely quiet, but it's possible that a Monday morning is partly to blame for the lack of population.

Kelly's back in 2007.

In the end be revert back to the Starbucks across the bridge for our coffee.

We make it to Bob's place on the south end of Lake Havasu.  The trees in the front of the house have grown quite a bit.  It's been a good 4 years since we were last here.  We spend some time talking and catching up.  Bob still talk of moving back to California, but it might be a hard proposition given the economy and the housing situation.  Still it doesn't hurt to try.  Eventually we bid Bob a fond farewell until the next meeting.  Maybe we'll be back in a year or less.  At first a was reluctant to visit Bob, but in the end I was really glad I spent the time.  Despite what my moody self was trying to say, I was glad gave Bob my time.

It looks so close on the map, but the distance between Lake Havasu and Twentynine Palms seem to just go on forever and ever.

We fuel up for the last time in Twentynine Palms.  There's only 70+ miles to reach home and both bikes are more than capable of that distance.  However, it's coffee break time.  We stop at the Starbucks in Yucca Valley.  Apparently we've caught the eye of a lot of folks.  As usual I receive questions about the 8GS, but the funny part is when a couple of older gentlemen ask about our nationality.  Chinese, Philippino, Japanese, or Korean?  It's a funny answer, none of the above. Siam, South East Asian or Vietnamese.  It turns out these guys are Vietnam vets.  What a pleasure.  We both spoke to them at length.  I thanked them for their time and service in adding us in our previous country before it fell.  We enjoy each others' conversation until the vets turned us loose to get some coffee.

70+ miles left.  It's almost over.  Unfortunately we have to make it through the narrow channel of the east San Bernadino mountains and north edge of Mt. San Jacinto State Wilderness on the I10.  Funneling all of the wind through this channel has us being tossed around like dandelions in a typhoon.  Once again I'm reminded to be careful on this freeway stretch.  It's still windy as heck!  At least I know how to deal with this stuff after so many times being through here.  I tuck down and keep plowing forward.

At last Minh and I part ways as he continues on the I10 while I take the 57 to head for home.

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Written on: October 10, 2011
Last modified: December 29, 2011