Sedona, AZ '11
It's beautiful!

Total: 1100 miles
Est time: 40 hours
Map and route by Google.

It's not an excuse, but due to the work load this year there have been very few long strips.  Even so trips have been tossed around so much that they ended up getting put off... next year.  The California Delta ride is such a trip.  Indeed it's disappointing.  Actually the Delta ride was suppose to happen in October until one of the guys, Captain Minh, mentioned the magic word.  In this case, it's really a name.  Sedona.  "Oh twist my arm already why don't you."  It wasn't a very hard twist.  For that fact there was no twisting involved.  The last time we went to AZ was back in October of '09, and that was a fiasco of a trip.  Not only were things bad, but we didn't get to really see anything because we were always riding in the dark.  This time around I'm determined to get some day light and have a pleasurable long trip.

A test of my new Panasonic Lumix camera on Mr. Speedy.
Proof that it's fast enough to capture a surprise moment.

There were suppose to be three of us this trip.  However, the Sgt ended up twisting his ankle while doing something like the "Twist" at a wedding reception.  Boy was he sorry he heated the ankle instead of icing it initially.  By T minus one week, we was dreading smoozing the DJ at the wedding.  Well, that and half a bottle of Hennessy before falling off the stage.  Crap!  Half a bottle of Hennessy would have either floored me or had me wrestling the porcelain crown.  Suffice to say, I wasn't any where near that event and kept myself healthy before the trip.  It's always such a concern when something this big gets planned early on.  concerns of canning the trip is always lingering in my mind until the day before the trip.  In the end, it was probably good that the Sgt didn't go as I know he doesn't have the necessary equipment to battle the roads to Flagstaff.  You'll see what I mean when you read Day 1 (The marathon).

Day 1 - The marathon.
Day 2 - Finally!
Day 3 - Staying out of Prescott.
Day 4 - Still windy as heck.

Written on: October 11, 2011
Last modified: October 11, 2011