Loopy in Guada-loopy

Friday May 6th, 2006
The second day starts at 7:00am.  Nate's group is pretty much up and is getting ready to head out early in the morning because they have 350+ miles of twisties to cover for the day.  They're planning on taking the 1 all the way up to Monterey and then riding back down the 101 to El Capitan, West of Santa Barbara.  Nate was complaining about somebody snoring so loud the night before that he couldn't sleep.  The only tent that was truly close to his tent was Vance and Russell's tent.  Between Vance and Russell, they both mumbled something and came to the conclusion that Vance was probably the louder one (more about this story later).

At this point more people started getting up.  Some are just starting to go to bed (Primo).  Either Kevin's voice is a lullaby or he's so boring that Primo is finally falling asleep.  Apparently he's been up all night tossing and turning not able to catch one once of sleep (a repeat from last year).  When Vince materialized from a tent, we all noticed a blue backpack leaning against a tree.  Nunez, Vince, Kevin and myself were all wondering if that blue bag wasn't Jame's seemingly red backpack.  No one had touch it the entire night and if it did belong to someone, they would have recognized it and grabbed it by now.  So we waited for James to get up.  Once he popped out of his hole, we all asked him if that blue backpack was his.  That in reality he was suppose to be searching for a blue backpack and not a red backpack.  We can all see the gears turning in his head.  There is a look of confusion and doubt, then it clicks.  Yes, it's his backpack. The contents of the backpack was his.  Yet he still thought he had a red backpack.  Maybe it changed color over night.  He then mentioned something about owning a plethora of backpacks and was mistaken about the color.  Personally, I think that backpack is one of those packs that can change color by poring the different temperature water on it.  Who knows, maybe he can make a polka dot backpack out of that.

James, Nate, Vance, Nunez, Russell, and myself all got breakfast while the other kept on sleeping.  Nate's group headed off for the second day's ride while the rest of us lounged around the camp site until everybody is ready to go.

Not too much longer, everybody got up and all had their fill of breakfast.  By this time it was around noon and we started packing for our next destination, Solvang and El Capitan.  It was critical that we go to Solvang because that's where we're suppose to meet up with the third group, Eugene's group.  The planned route was to take the 1 highway as far as it went and try not to touch the 101 freeway until we have to get to Solvang.  This takes us right through Guadalupe (more about that later).  We all started saddling up and heading out.  Of course our friendly park host had to stop by and make sure we're leaving.  He was at least cordial enough this time to ask about our next destination.  I mentioned our final destination is El Capitan.  To that he mentioned it was a very nice park and we will like it there.  One last pit stop at the local restroom and we all headed off.

Vince and Joseph ... forever our lovable pyromaniacs.

No tricks this time regarding what route to take.  I made sure to inform the support vehicle of all exits and turns.  Unfortunately, this proved futile.  We got separated again and they were far enough behind that they couldn't pick up my two-way radio signal.  I was trying to inform them to take the Pismo Beach exit, but they just trucked right on by.  They ended up taking the next off ramp which was further down the freeway.  The group of motorcycles stuck together and eventually got on to the 1 highway.  We cruised through town until I finally got a call from support via cell phone.  They weren't sure where they were relative to us and thought that we're much further North-West of them.  It turns out we were much further East of them and they had to catch up.  After about 15-20 minutes, things got straightened out as they passed us on the 1 highway.  We all quickly started our bikes and caught up.

The stretch of the 1 highway from Pismo Beach to Guadalupe was spectacular.  Some of us (Russell) even had flash backs of being in England or thought we were in the East Coast somewhere.  As for me, I thought I was in the Long Way Round.  The country side was beautiful and the ride was very pleasurable, but this is the where the real fun begins.  As we made it to Guadalupe we all stopped at a gas station at the outskirts of town for a quick gas up and a short rest.

Fueled and rested, we all started heading out.  Most were on one side of the road waiting for everybody to get moving.  The support vehicle then took off in front of all of us while I was fidgeting with something.  I was the last one to move out and ended up at the tail of the pack.  At this point, another car had squeezed in between the support vehicle and us.  Not wanting to be separated too far from the support vehicle, we all started passing the car on the right side of the road.  This wasn't such a bad thing until Joseph decided to pass the support vehicle on the right side while doing a fiery speed.  Unfortunately the Guadalupe police was on the other side of the street and caught a glimpse of what Joseph did.  The COP lit up his lights, blared his horn and started ripping after Joseph.  The funny thing was, being the last one in the pack, I was also the last one to pass the unknown car on the right side of the street.  The Guadalupe patrol car was on the opposite side of the street and had to make a U turn to chase after Joseph.  There was a moment of hesitation between him and me as I was trying to stop to allow him to finish his U turn.  Within that time Joseph had managed to make a turn on to another road and dodged the COP.  The patrol car tried to chase Joseph but was unsuccessful.  The COP eventually doubled back and came out the same street he started going in immediately after the U turn.  Within this time Joseph had made the round and was a long side the support vehicle again.  Seeing this, Primo motioned Joseph to "Get the f*ck out of here!".  Joseph screamed pass the support vehicle again.  The patrol car, with sirens blaring, pulled Russell and the rest of the bikes over.  Remember, Russell has an R1 and Joseph has an R6.  They don't look that much different from one another.  The patrol car stopped just on the other side of a four way intersection and motioned for Russell to move over towards the patrol car.  Russell, knowing better, refused to budge.  The police officer, very annoyed, walked over towards Russell.  He of course started talking to Russell.  During the time he walked over I think he realized that Russell wasn't the guy he was looking for.  Still he started screaming at Russell about Joseph.  "Where's your buddy?!  Where is your buddy?!"   To which Russell replied, "What buddy?  I don't know who you're talking about."  After the initial screaming I really couldn't hear what else was said between the COP and Russell.  Russ later told me that the COP was asking about Joseph and all Russell said was, "I don't know who you're talking about.  I'm with this group, and the BMW." (motioning towards me).  A backup unit arrived and parked right behind me blocking all the bikes in.  A female COP, with enough testosterone to make the governator looks like a little girl, appeared and started talking to the first COP.  I can kind of hear the first COP saying, "The other guy isn't with these guys.  He's not with this group."  The female COP looked miffed.  At that point I stick my neck into the mess and said, "What's wrong officer?"  To which he replied, "You guys are clear to go."  During this time Joseph had pulled into a construction area, parked his bike, took off his helmet, and started smoking a cigarette.  From here we all left wonderful loopy Guadalupe behind.  Not too long after the ride out Joseph joined us on the remaining stretch of the 1 highway.  The 1 ended and the 101 started.  We rode an easy 20 miles on the 101 to get to Solvang.

Riding into Solvang is, as Russell puts it, like riding in the English country side.  There were tall trees and houses and shops that looked like they were transplanted from England or Sweden.  It was pretty cool.  Our destination was on the TomTom but it wasn't easy to get there.  The road was blocked or being blocked and there was a parking lot of cars.  We ended up taking a side street to bypass the insane traffic jam.  We ended up at the small, almost impossible to find, motorcycle museum.  We were suppose to meet Eugene and Jaime there, but no Eugene nor Jaime was visible.  In the meanwhile we notice the streets outside of the motorcycle museum being closed off to vehicular traffic.  Not only that, we started seeing horses.  Lots of horses.  There were so many horses I we couldn't possibly mistake the smell.  There were brown horses, painted horses, white horses, black horses.  With all those horses come the distinct smell of horses ... horse poop.  Oh the wonderful smells of horses' poop.  The weird thing is, they just kept on coming.  It was a good solid hour or so of horses before it ended.  You should have seen the old ladies on the side of the road.  I think there were envious of the horse members.  They were all screaming and hollering as the horses were walking by.  Weird.  Maybe they wanted a ride or something.  I can't help but remember hearing about girl really liking to ride horses because the bouncing motion can give the girls a massive org*sm!  Whatever it was, they were going crazy over those horses.  As for me,  horse poop is not cool.

While most of us was out side looking at the wall of four legged animal, Russell was in the motorcycle museum taking photos.

At long last Eugene and Jaime appeared.  We all headed over to greet them, while Russell was still in the museum taking pictures.  We then decided to move our motorcycles in Eugene and Jaime's direction because of the wall of animals.  By the time we got to the bikes, the horse parade was over and the street sweeper was scooping up as little poop as they can. Man the street smelled of horse after thoughts.  In other  famous words, "It smells like ass!"

It is already around 4:30pm so it's time to get to the campsite and prep for the night.  With all the equipment setup and dinner, we need what little day light we have left.  The way out was slow as traffic is still backed up.  The ending of the parade help but not by much.  We inched our way out of Solvang looking for a market so we can restock our drinks and some food for the evening.  At the last light before we exit Solvang was a little liquor store.  The group shifted over to the left turn lane and we were all read to stock up.  The support vehicle was stuck behind us one or two light back but eventually caught up.  We got our food and we got out of Dodge.

I can remember from last year that the pass between Solvang and Refugio was really bad in terms of wind.  Sure enough, this year is no different.  What do you expect when the mountains all converge on one single point, right?.... right.  As we were all speeding South on the 101 heading towards El Capitan, Jaime, Russell, Joseph, and Primo was in front.  Remarkable, Jaime really pushes his F650GS so he wasn't too far behind the fast pack.  As for me, I was trying to catch up to them.  That is until I hit a major section of wind on the freeway.  I was push so hard from the right that I nearly flew into the center barrier.  My immediate reaction was to break to regain control.  I got it back and centered myself in the fast lane.  There were no vehicles within at least a mile in front or behind me so things are cool.  I slowed down to prevent any unexpected mishaps.  Eventually Eugene caught up to me and we all continued on.

Once we got out of the mountains, things weren't any better.  The South wind from the ocean was so strong that we all got push from the slow lane into the fast lane.  I felt like I was about to drive on the center median until I slowed down to regain control.  Eventually the pack reformed and we all headed to El Capitan.  Again, the TomTom got us there but not exactly to where we wanted to go.  Apparently, the TomTom only knew about the El Capitan Resort (basically a bunch of log cabins for rent for the night) but not the camp grounds itself.  When I pulled up to the gate, I was surprised.  I mentioned to them about reservations and they looked at me funny.  They eventually figured out that I wanted the camp grounds and directed me in the general direction.  We should have turn South instead of North.  The navigation system strikes again.  Oh well, at least it got us to the general location.

This time around, we didn't have trouble with the park dude.  In fact, the park dude was kind of cute.  She was definitely much more pleasant to talk to and was easier going as far as additional vehicles is concerned.  We ended up paying $1 more per two motorcycles than at Morro Strand but it's a cutter park dude so no problems.  Campsites 48 & 49 it is.  We all mozied in and park out bikes for the night.

It was obvious that Nate's group didn't get here before we did, unlike the previous day.  I was wondering how they were doing.  The car was unloaded and everybody quickly selected their tent spots.  I was tired and didn't want to setup the one man tent so I was going to bunk with Nunez (This turned out to be a mistake).  We started dinner and sucked up what was left of the steaks.  We also broke out the burgers and sausages and finished our chowing down.  At around 8:00pm, Nate and his group finally showed up.  It was late but Nate and Steve decided to go ahead and skip the camping for this night and head home instead (I learned later from Nate that they didn't get into Pasadena until 11:00pm that night).  They stayed for a little while and then headed off.  In the meanwhile, Vance and James got filled up on burgers and sausage.

Eugene is out...

That night was hilarious.  Vance showed his true colors by telling joke after joke.  Jaime wasn't far behind.  We all eventually took turns telling jokes.  At one point we got onto the subject of  sexual jokes.  Both straight and not so straight.  Unfortunately for Primo, his insecurity about the not so straight joke made him a target.  Poor Primo.  In the end, no harm was done and we all turned in for the night.  As with the previous night, Joseph and Vince were our favored pyros and burned everything in sight.

I guess Nunez and I were battling each other in terms of who could snore louder.  Unfortunately for me, he brought his ear muffs and block out my version of "Silent Night".  At one point he was so loud that I had to leave the tent.  I reverted to pulling my Thermarest and sleeping bag from the tent and set myself up far enough on the ground to not hear his vocal tones.  My estimation, about 5-10 yards or so.  At long last, peace and quiet.

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Written on: May 26, 2006
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