Just a couple more drops of petrol.

Sunday May 7th, 2006

Apparently I wasn't the only one having midnight battle cries.  Russell and Vance were also duking it out.  It turns out, Russell was probably the one that kept Nate up two nights ago.  Vance emerged from the tent and made a comments that it wasn't him that was so loud and that is wife was wrong.  It was Russell that won the war.

It was a slow morning and the set of people that were up early the previous day are also the ones up early this morning (e.g. Russell, Vance, and myself).  Nate and Steve were probably at home sleeping the trip off.  I started breakfast and we all got filled up.

Vance is going after the sausages

There was not much that happened the rest of the morning.  People got up, all got fed, and got ready to take off.  Vance was the first one to go.

For some strange reason, Russell decided to start the fire again.  Guess what happens when the flames are dancing?  Yup, good old Joseph and Vince started joining in.  Next thing you know 2 liter soda bottles, foam cups, etc. were feeding the fire god.  All well and good, we all finished out packing and started heading out.

Joseph had notified me that he doesn't have very much fuel left.  He said approximately 20 miles.  I was concerned but managed to pull up a couple of fuel station not too far from us on our way toward Santa Barbara.  The TomTom indicated 12 miles.  That's not too bad and Joseph should be able to make it fine.

On our way out things were OK.  That is until we got close to the nearest gas stations.  What the TomTom had failed to tell me, or I had failed to verify in detail, is that the gas stations were on the opposite side of the highway (101).  While I was riding there, I didn't want to deal with getting this pack of motorcycles to cross a quite busy highway.  The thought of dragging this entire pack across on coming traffic and then dragging them through it again was not such a good idea.  So I decided to push on until we get to the State-154 exit in Santa Barbara.  I notified the support vehicle that we're not going to stop at the initial gas station and should try to get into Santa Barbara.  They responded with a positive confirmation and we kept on rolling.  When we got close enough to the State-154 exit, I tried to notify the support vehicle about the exit again.  To this, I receive no confirmation and cursed under my breath about the short range of these radios.  Just about 3/4 of a mile before the exit, I noticed that Joseph is starting to slow down.  Without even a glance, I knew he was out of fuel.  I continue to press on to the exit and to the nearest gas station.  Kevin and Primo was with me.  I pulled into the gas station, fueled myself up, went and got a fuel can, fueled up the gas can, and start attaching it to my motorcycle.  In the time I was doing this, the support vehicle had contacted me on the cell phone.  I told them to take the state-154 exit.  They said that they had just passed the exit and are going to wait at the following exit.  They also told me that it looks like Joseph is having some type of difficulty.  I told them that he was out of fuel.  When I asked them if they could come back to the 154 exit, they were insistent on waiting for us at the following exit.  Not wanting to deal with the hassles of the support vehicle and the Joseph gas problem at the same time, I decided to get the fuel to Joseph as fast as I can.  In the meanwhile Russell had stopped along with Joseph and was making sure he was OK.  Russ called me on the phone to tell me that Joseph is pushing his bike up the exit ramp and want me to meet him there with the fuel.  I confirmed and Russell eventually showed up at the gas station.  At this point I had just finished strapping the gas can on to one of my panniers and was ready to head over to take care of Joseph.  I asked Russel to accompany me and he did.  We both rode out and easy 1/4-1/2 a mile to see Joseph parking his bike on the side of the street.

Russell and I pulled over close to Joseph and I begin unstrapping the fuel can.  Poor Joseph, I felt bad forcing him to push on so much further than he should and running out of gas.  We dumped all the fuel from the can into Joseph's bike and then headed back to the gas station.  Once there we all parked on the one side of the gas station and took a break.  I then received a cell call from the support vehicle asking me where we were.  I told them that I had to get fuel for Joseph because he was out of fuel.  From there they asked when we were going to go to their exit or if they should circle back.  I then gracefully asked them to come back to the State-154 exit if they didn't mind.  They said they would do that and see us here.

A couple of minutes later, they got on to state and drove right pass the gas station we were at despite the instructions I told them.  I couldn't quite understand why they went so far east on State street.  Not too long after they came barreling into the gas station huffing and puffing mad.  They claimed that we treated them like shit and that they were second class citizens.  To this, I thought... "Huh? what the f*ck are they talking about?!"  Why are they mad when Russell and I had to go and get fuel for Joseph.  Support's priorities are all screwed up.  I responded to Nunez telling him that he can be mad if he likes but I'm not going to be mad because I had a job to do and I had to take care of a person that was in need.  Apparently, Vince also went and told Russel and Primo that they were pissed off because of how we treated them.  Russell and Primo both didn't understand why they were mad.  We all looked at each other and said ... "Whatever!"  I wasn't going to make my last day of this trip turn sour because a couple of people that can't think straight (the trip was free for them and they just had to provide their time).  We all rested a bit and then headed for home.

Eugene had originally planned a pizza party at his place after the ride as a celebration of the trip.  In the end everybody was tired and just wanted to head home.  We all decided that the pizza thing is welcome and should be put off until another weekend.  All agreed and the event will be set at another time.

As we headed out, Joseph forgot to close his face shield and ended up getting a bug hit in his eye.  He pulled over to the side of the freeway to collect himself while the rest of us continued head East on the 101 towards Ventura.  On the way home (still in Santa Barbara), we were confronted by 1 police motorcycle and one patrol car.  Apparently they were chasing after somebody.  I was riding in from of Kevin and received a call from support that there is a cop behind us.  I inform Kevin to slow down but Russell, Eugene, Jaime, and Primo were too far out in front of me to notice the signal.  I knew Russell was doing and easy 80 and didn't want to see him get caught.  When the police motorcycle passed me, I saw him heading straight for Russell.  I was concerned that he was going to pull Russell over.  To my pleasant surprise, it wasn't Russell he was after.  The police passed him and the other without issues.  The police patrol car came up and passed us all not too long after.  I eventually saw the two police vehicles on the other side of the freeway.

Eventually Joseph caught up and we're all OK.  The rest of the trip was straight forward and nothing much happened.  I stopped at Kevin's place, dropped off all of his group's camping equipment, and headed home.

The lesson I learned for this trip, either cater food for dinner and breakfast or go to restaurants.  It is too much of a logistical nightmare to worry about feeding a lot of people especially if more are coming next year.  I have equipment but it maxes out at 13-15 people.  Also, this trip is not as difficult this year as last year.  I think we all have better equipment this time around and we know what we were getting into.  Next year's strip will be different.  Instead of Morro Bay, Russell and other are mentioning Monterey.  It will also be a longer trip and more days.  There is also a possibility that no support vehicle is needed for next year.

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