Crazy fuel!

[ Monday - July 9, 2007 ]

I didn't think it possible but this is the third tank full and the R12R is behaving consistently.  The initial "Wow factor" was during the Lockwood ride with a total of 339 miles on 4.8 gallons of 91 octane (e.g. 70 MPG).  The second "Wow!" was this last Friday July 6 when I went to visit a friend in El Segundo and then Went to Moorpark to finish an errand.  The around town trip is approximately 147 miles according to the Nav system.  I already had 42 miles on the bike from running other errands a couple days earlier so it came to 189 miles by the end of Friday.  Even with 189 miles on the trip odometer, I still had more than 1/3 tank of fuel left on the gas gauge.  Since my overall odometer is at 2850+ miles, I figured it was time to do the 3000 oil change.  I might as well run to Brown BMW to get some 20W50 oil, an oil filter, and an oil filter wrench (since I can't seem to find my oil filter wrench anywhere).  I know it's an easy 23 miles to Brown from where I'm at.  I still have a substantial amount of fuel, so I decided to not refuel until I get to Pomona.  Plus the fuel price is a little cheaper in Pomona than in Monrovia.  I got to Browns, bought all the necessary supplies for the oil change, and headed home.  On my way back out to the 10 Freeway, I decided to pull into a Shell gas station to fill up.  I checked the trip odometer and it registered 212 miles.  I fill up the tank and it took 4.2 gallons.  Considering how much I had to drive at 70+ MPH to get away from crazy cars on Friday (Like a Toyota Corolla driving at 90 MPH), that's still pretty good.  You know how it is, the fast you drive the more these horses drink.  That still comes out to 50 MPG for high speed driving.  If I were to ride my normal conservative way, I know I can easily improve the MPG to way above 50.  Possibly into the 60s.  One thing is for sure, I know I can easily go pass 250 miles on one tank of fuel (approximately 5.5 gallons including reserve).  It might be a 1200cc but man is it efficient with fuel.

Written on: July 9, 2007
Last modified: July 9, 2007