Trip planning

Approximated total miles: 982 miles
Estimated total travel time: 18 hours

[ Saturday - August 16, 2008 ]

Do we camp or do we hotel/motel it?  The question keeps on being asked.  At this point I think we've settled on moteling it to keep the bikes light.  However, I'm still going to put the panniers on so I can haul trinkets and gifts home for the family.

This trip has been in the planning stages ever since early June.  It's not as big of a deal as riding around the world and having your bike shipped across the continents, but it promises to be fun nonetheless.  I envy the people that are able to travel the world, but I have to stick to my responsibilities and means.  Two months is a sufficient amount of time for folks to join and also drop out.  At this point it's only the three amigos (e.g. The Captain, Nu, and myself).  I was hoping for a couple more folks to join, but three is as good a number as any.  With both the Captain and I changing out our rubber for this trip, getting the bikes serviced, and/or performing preventative maintenance, we're all ready to go.  Now it's just a matter of packing all the necessary amenities to ensure we're covered for those hot days and cold nights in Mammoth.

[ Wednesday - August 20, 2008 ]

Oh no Mr. Bill!!!  The Captain went and got himself sick at the last minute.  He reported to me last Thursday/Friday that he wasn't feeling well.  I was hoping it was food poisoning or something simple like that, but my hopes are dashed.  He got over the sickness during the course of the weekend but it appears he's not able to recover in time for this weekend.  This is most unfortunate as I know he's been looking forward to this trip.  I'm going to try to hold out to the very last minutes in the hopes that he would spring back to excellent health and tell me to move out of his way as he tries to race me for my pink slip, even though I have no idea I'm racing him.

[ Thursday - August 21, 2008 ]

Alas, it's the last minute.  Unfortunately, that last minute call from the Captain is not going to happen.  He still hasn't recovered fully from his recent sickness.  So it has to be the two amigos pushing along.

Because we're moteling it, packing sure is simple.  I'm practically done and it's only 9:30PM.  That's most unusual.  Most of the time I'm up until the late hours of the night putting that last minute item into the panniers.  Nonetheless, I'm tired from the day's work, but started packing the minute I got home.  I'm tired, but I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's beginning.

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Mammoth-Yosemite - Day 2 (No Captain?  We're off roadin'! - Paradise lost)
Mammoth-Yosemite - Day 3 (Mammoth to Fresno with one tank?)
Mammoth-Yosemite - Day 4 (For once the I5 is not so bad.)

Written on:  August 16, 2008
Last modified:  August 21, 2008